One of the goodie bags from the MBBE event was a lovely little pack of Estée Lauder products. Today I’m going to review the Pure Colour “Gloss Stick” in Orchid Dream which is the middle of the products below: MBBE

I’ve always had a soft spot for EL lipsticks, my first bright red was one of theirs and a present from James ^_^ Unfortunately budget means I haven’t been able to afford any of their products since then.

When I found this in the gift bags, I was really excited to try it out as the shade looks exactly like the kind of thing I like: berry pink with a blue sheen to it. A little glitter but not so much that I look like I’ve just stumbled out of a children’s television show.The idea of this product is quite interesting because it’s supposed to be about half way between a gloss and a lipstick. The consistancy was unlike any lip product I’ve used before… along the lines of softened butter so it *really* just melts on to your lips.

Estee Lauder

According to their website it’s supposed to improve lip condition and add plumpness if used for 4+ weeks. I haven’t used it for that long yet and didn’t notice any changes during the time I did. I’m not fussed because I don’t think I need plumper lips but if that’s something you want to consider before buying then I suggest Googling for some more reviews.

I found it stayed on quite well, I needed touch ups after eating but nothing too major and the silky feel lasted as long as the colour. The biggest plus for this was how moisturized my lips felt when I had it on 😀 My lips tend to be a little dry and this just felt like heaven in stick form!

Bare lips:

Nude Lips

With “Orchid Dream”:

Estee Lauder

Price-wise the Australian website lists it as $42.00 (though this colour isn’t listed because I think it is a limited edition) which for me is way out of my price range. In this case you pay for quality though so if I had an infinite supply of money I would probably buy this in every shade it came in. As it is I’m going to be using this one down to the last piece I can scrape out and hope that I’ve had a wind fall by then XD

VERDICT: Very good for an every day shade, lasts quite well. Super moisturising, no over powering smell, glides on like butter. DO WANT.

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