So as you all saw in the last Snapshots post I received a hard copy of the blogging ebook I’ve been working on.

Firstly I just want to clear up something, some of you were under the impression that this was the craft and tutorial book I’ve been working on, that is not the case ^_^ This is a basic guide to starting and maintaining your own blog which I have *also* been working on. So I’ve been writing two books (which is why I as being run so ragged!)

  • Blogging in Style with Violet- 76 pages on how to start and maintain a cute blog. A basic how-to guide for beginners to the world of blogging with lots of cute pictures to help understand new concepts and ideas. Released only as a PDF ebook at this point. Priced at US$8.
  • The craft/tutorial book which is still in progress and yet to be named. This one will be available in a large hard cover volume and several soft cover versions which comprise of 1 chapter each. It will also be available as a PDF for those who want to read but can’t afford postage of a heavy book. It will be a couple of hundred pages and price is yet to be determined.

But enough about that for now! Let’s talk about this ebook 😀

Blogging in Style

The last time I mentioned I was writing this, the lovely people from Blurbcontacted me and offered to print me a copy so I could have a physical reminder of all of my hard work.Basically Blurb is a website where you can upload whatever you like and they will print it into a fancy little book for you. They do hard covers and soft cover, pretty much anything you can think of.


I chose the hardcover option with an image wrap. It looks so beautiful and professional!


They make the process very easy so even someone with no design experience can creat something like a book with photos from their holidays and have a really pretty keepsake.

These are the three options they offer for book creation:

1. Bookify (our newest addition to the product range, this is an online bookmaking tool for streamlined book projects that can be done over a night or two) For example a quick travel book from your recent trip or a child’s birthday party.)

2. Booksmart (Blurb’s free software that’s made easy for everyone to download, pick a layout and just add content)

3. PDF To Book (for experienced designers and Indesign software users)

I was in a hurry so I used Booksmart and imported my page layouts. It look me about 15 minutes from opening the program to uploading my images 😀 Of course before that it took weeks of writing, drawing, colouring, editing and organizing the layout of the book XD


The best part:


All in all I am very happy with the quality and service from Blurb and I will be looking them up again if I ever write another ebook so I can have a personal printed copy 😀

If you want to have your own book printed they have been nice enough to include a discount code for you all:

Code: VIOLETSHIP (this is case sensitive)
Good for Aud$9.99 off your shipping charges for books you make

Expires Nov 15, 2010
one per customer, one time use.

Get up to 3 books shipped for free!

Hurray! So there you go 😀 I will let you all know next week once it’s up and available in the shop!

In the mean time, if you want to get a little taste of what it’s about I have made a free low quality preview that you can download, it contains a random selection of 14 pages. Hopefully this will let you get an idea of things and decide if you would like to purchase the full book next week. It’s around 1.9mb big so if you have a download limit please take that into account.

Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat ^_^



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