Today is all about cute storage. So many tutorials lately 😀

Bottle Cover Tutorial

I have a lot of bottles in my bathroom, lots of hair spray, make up remover and things like that which are staples that I re-buy when they’re empty. Unfortunately the manufacturers that make all of those products didn’t bother consulting with each other on the designs so none of them match… how inconsiderate of them ;P

So how did I make my bathroom all pretty and matchy?

Slip covers. Very very easy to do and a very pretty result.

What you need:

  • Whatever bottle you’re going to cover
  • Felt or fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Magnets or elastic

So you begin with something like this…

Bottle Cover Tutorial

Get your fabric together, I am using pink felt with while polka dot tulle over the top.

Bottle Cover Tutorial

Measure around the outside of your bottle. You will need to cut a rectangle of felt which is exactly the right height and width to wrap around the bottle.

Bottle Cover Tutorial

After cutting this out you can decorate it. I am just adding a spotty overlay but you can do pretty much anything. I’m going to make some more which have embroidery and other fun things.

Bottle Cover Tutorial

Fold the edges around and sew in place.

Bottle Cover Tutorial

Now if you have a metal bottle you can simply add some magnets around the side to keep it in place on the bottle. Super easy.

Bottle Cover Tutorial

If your bottle is plastic then all you need to do is form a tube with the felt and add a little bit of elastic which joins the sides together, now you should be able to slip the cover on and off easily.

And you end up with something like this…

Bottle Cover Tutorial

Took about 5 minutes to make and they look much prettier all in a row in the bathroom.

Yay for quick craft!

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