You’ve probably started to notice some of the changes I’ve been making around here ^_^

The smaller things I’ve done are…

  • Revamp my Twitter widget image to make it cuter/load faster
  • Moved all the widgets around
  • Added a new “Popular Categories” section on the right sidebar
  • Reworked the “Quick Links” section on the sidebar for easy access and quick loading
  • Added a “Subscribe by email” option in the right sidebar
  • Added “Cuties” section to menu bar (more on this below)
  • Added awesome spam killing tool. Please note if your comment looks like spam (or has a couple of links) you will be asked to fill in a captcha code. I know they are irritating but having to go through 300+ spam comments a day was too time consuming for me to keep up with 🙁

Next on my list of things to do with the site are…

  • Update the Links, Tutorials, Snaps, and FAQ sections
  • Make the layout equally friendly for people with small screens 🙂
  • Make a new header
  • If you have and comments or suggestions please let me know in the comments and I will look into them ^_^

So the biggest change is the addition of the “Violet’s Cuties” section!

As some of you will know, I’ve had a second Twitter account called VioletsCuties for a while now. So far I have been using it to post links to random cute things I find on the web but I’ve been wanting it to be more involved so I’ve set up a mobile blog via tumblr on my domain. Now I can update all the time with short fun posts without bothering everyone on this blog.

So what you will find there is:

  • Things I think are adorable
  • Cute shopping finds or bargains I stumble across on the web
  • Random photos I’ve taken
  • Links to articles or blog posts I’ve read and enjoyed
  • Sneak previews of posts or upcoming tutorials
  • Random sentences in Japanese as I try to practice and improve

I aim to update a couple of times a day so I hope you enjoy it ^_^

I know this isn’t going to be of interest to everyone and that’s why I’ve kept my regular blog and my mobile blog a little bit seperate, that way you can follow either, both or none of them. They have seperate RSS feeds as well as seperate Google Friend Connect accounts so how much you want to see is up to you 😀

I will still be updating this blog as frequently and with exactly the same kind of things you’ve all come to expect, the other account will just be extra stuff ^_^

You can visit my new mobile blog by clicking the “Cuties” link at the top, the side or click below!

Visit Violet’s Cuties!

If any of you guys have tumblr accounts let me know, I would love to follow you all!

Lastly a new free forum which is all about deco has opened up so for those of you who enjoy deco as much as I do have a look here ^_^

Well I’ve clearly still got lots of work to do so I better back to it! Hope you’re all having a really good night 😀

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