First thing today…

Thank you so much for everyone who entered the Easy A competition! I really enjoyed reading your entries, a lot of them were really heart felt and had so much effort put in. I also now have a long list of books which I want to read too!

So the winners have all been contacted by email and here they are:


Hi Violet,

It’s weird, but I just got off the phone to my sister who mentioned this film to me.

Which film most resembled my life in high school?
I’d have to say Mean Girls. Quite often in school you forget who you really are and become someone you are not purely for popularity’s sake. I was quite like Cady. Before I became a “Queen Bee”, I was a person who did things because they excited me, not because it was something I should be seen doing. I had friends who made me laugh and not just people who made me look good. You learn a lot of hard lessons in high school and just after you finish it and I was no exception to that. Luckily I figured out who I was before I became a total “Mean Girl”.


Sounds silly, but I felt Ender’s Game reflected what high school was like for me. I was in a gifted student program, and dreaming that we were all being groomed for an epic space fighter program was what got me out of bed some days X


When I’m working next year my life will be like House of God, I’m sure…


I’m still in highschool, just finishing this year. But this kinda struck a chord. In year five we read through Bridge to Terabithia, about a boy meeting a new girl in school who’s very unconventional and creating an imaginary world of their own until her untimely death. Now, this sounds childish, but from year four onwards I’ve always been put down and bullied for not following the crowd, being artistic or just simply being shy. What made it worse, was that I never said anything to anyone, instead I created in my head a world of my own filled with characters that interacted with me and so on. I then began to draw this world and honestly to this day it’s still growing and expanding because even now, in year twelve, I’m still shy, still different, still being bullied and still without many friends. Except, like Leslie, I have my own world.
I can imagine that it’s weird to clutch onto fantasies and imaginary friends at this age, and it probably just adds to my social failings, however, I’m so attached to this world it’s like a safety blanket and thanks to it I’m now generally unaffected by what any one says. I guess then, my life is my own, but somewhere it’s reflected in Bridge to Terabithia C:

Haha, that was kinda long. Sorry ^^”

Kimberly Grace

Violet, I have thought long and hard about the book that reflects my life. And it’s not the nicest of stories, but I would have to say the Picture of Dorian Grey. This reflects the struggle I had with my mother and her Demons for so many years. I could see all that was happening to her, getting worse and worse (due to alcohol abuse) where to the outside world she was this pretty normal, loveable excentric mother, but behind closed doors she unfortunately had this demon brewing. It made school life and relationships hard for me. And she unfortunately like Dorian in the novel finally lost her fight with her demons. I have since been able to develop a relationship with an amazing guy, and although I have lost a mother and alot of time, I now am moving forward with a beautiful boy and learning from her lesson.

Now the second part of my post today is even more exciting for me! Writing this blog has allowed me to meet some lovely people over the last few years and one of the people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing is Shouri.

Shouri is an insanely talented artist who writes an adorable webcomic called Springiette. It’s been one of the blogs that I always read when I’m feeling down because it’s so sweet it cheers me up!

A long time ago she mentioned that she wanted to draw a picture of me… this is what arrived in my inbox this morning…

I LOVE IT! Seriously I couldn’t believe how much detail she went in to, I wish I could show you some of the tiny details but the original file is massive. Every single eyelash is in place 😀

So thank you so much Shou you completely made my day with this! I am so lucky!

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