So as I mentioned yesterday I’m going to be crazy busy this week and there are a couple of really exciting reasons for that!


A whole bunch of you have been suggesting that I write a book full of the stuff that’s included here on the site. Well I am and I’m desperately trying to get it finished this/next week so I can send it off the printers and have it up for sale soon! Very exciting stuff right? It’s going to be sold in 3 different formats that cater to all budgets so hopefully you will all enjoy it 😀 There are going to be all your favorite tutorials from the site but also a lot of new tutorials just for the book.


You all keep sending me interesting questions about blogging so over the last few weeks I’ve been working on an e-book (though I hate that term) which gives all the information that you’ve been asking about and lots more. It’s going to be in my typical pink style with lace, frills and lots of cute illustrations to make it easy to follow. I’m working extra hard to make that available by Monday! I’m hoping that this will be helpful with your own blog so if you have any more questions now is the time to ask!


This Friday I will be speaking about Hime Gyaru fashion at the FRUiTS panel at Manifest. So if you ever wanted to catch up with me or ask me any questions in person you should totally come and meet me at Manifest on Friday! It’s going to be really fun I think, I’m looking forward to it and I would love to see you all there!

I’ve got another post scheduled to go up later tonight too which has a pretty awesome competition run by Nuffnang in it so I hope you enjoy ^_^

Please wish me luck with all of this, I’m working very hard at the moment but I really hope it will be worth it!

Do you all have a busy week ahead or are you taking it easy and relaxing?

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