Make up remover should be one of the *most* important weapons in your make up arsenal. It’s especially important when you have skin as temperamental as mine.

I was recommended Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover by Super Kawaii Mama.

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Review

I bought mine at Priceline but you can get it at supermarkets too, it costs around $7 if I remember correctly. The bottle is nothing special, I personally prefer pump bottles but because you have to shake it it wouldn’t really work in a pump.Inside there are two separate liquids on floating on top of each other. The best way to describe it is oil and water but seeing as it’s oil-free it’s clearly not XDYou’re supposed to shake it up and put it on a cotton pad, it pretty much has the consistency of water and you can’t really see it in the below photos…

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Review

The smell is nice… in that it doesn’t smell like anything and that’s how I prefer removers. It doesn’t have that heavy cosmetic smell either which I’m very pleased about.

This is me after I’ve removed my eyelashes. You press the wet cotton on your eyes and (very important) leave it there for around 5 seconds.

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Review

With one swipe to the side this is what came of:

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Review

With 3 stripes I managed to get everything off my eye. Much quicker than anything else I’ve used!

I quite liked the feeling afterward as well, it was kind of like a very expensive moisturizer XD I don’t really have any negative points at all, I really liked it and it’s one of my every day products now! Yay for having friends with good taste in make up products XD

Verdict: Cheap, quick, works very well and leaves a nice feeling. DO WANT!

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