Ok so the votes have all been tallied and as you can guess from the title, the winner of the competition is Stargirl Heuser!


Here is her entry:

Calling all princesses! VioletLeBeaux.com features everything a girl needs to be a princess, without breaking the bank! Creative, step-by-step tutorials show you how to use a couple gems and a bit of lace to turn everyday blah into something fit for a princess!

I am sending you an email now to post out your prizes 😀

Exciting!Here is the votes tally from both polls:

Html poll:
A- 56
B- 31
C- 11
Total=98 votes

Nuffnang Poll:
A- 121
B- 79
C- 29
Total=229 votes

A- 177
B- 110
C- 40

Total= 327

Thank you so much for everyone who entered and for everyone who voted! I am going to be bringing you some cool exciting things soon!

Thanks everyone for reading!

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