Hello all!

Again due to a couple of unexpected problems I can’t show you the post I was planning to today 🙁 But I promise to put it up as soon as I can and here’s an outfit in the meantime ^_^

A lot of you requested details of my outfit from the Koko Black Meet Upso here they are!

Outfit From Koko Black Meet Up

Outfit rundown:

  • Dress- Handmade (this was what I wore to the Nuffnang Blogger Awards last year!)
  • Cardigan- Myer
  • Boots- Target (customized by me!)
  • Necklace- Little Waltz
  • Hair Accessories- Rose pins made by me and bow from some $2 store.

Now onto website things ^_^ I’ve been tinkering with the site today a bit and making things easier to navigate. I’m hoping this will make it easier for you all to find what you’re looking for and easier for me to update it quickly.

So in the top links section you will now find that I’ve combined the “Violet Vision” and “Snapshots” pages into one to make it easier to find whatever media you want. I have also added a “Store” link which will take you to the nail art store! I am hoping to update the store this week with a lot of deco projects I’ve been working on so stay tuned there.

Probably most importantly I have re-arranged the “Tutorials” page. Before it was quite difficult to navigate and update but now everything is sorted into categories and in gallery form. This should make it a little easier for everyone and I’ll be able to keep it more current!

I’ve also updated the “About” page. A lot of people have been asking for my Facebook lately so all of that information is there now as well as other social networks you might want to add me on! A while ago I added “Like” buttons at the top of all of the posts too which is pretty fun!

*edit* Oh I completely forgot! I also added the feature so you guys can have avatars in the comments, if you want one you just need to register at Gravatars. Even cooler, I’m trialing CommentLuv. Basically it means that if you have a blog it will automatically link your latest post! Cool huh? I’ve heard that this might slow the site down a bit so just trialing and seeing how it goes. I want to give you guys some blog love though since you’re nice enough to come visit mine!! Let me know what you think! */edit*

Hope you’re all having a great day and let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how I could make the site easier for you to use!

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