Hi lovely readers!

I’m very excited to announce the finalists for my Celebration Give Away 😀 I couldn’t believe how many people entered and the quality of the entries made it really hard for me to choose the 3 for you to vote on, I even had to ask James to help me! So without further ado…

Entry A!

Stargirl Heuser says:

Calling all princesses! VioletLeBeaux.com features everything a girl needs to be a princess, without breaking the bank! Creative, step-by-step tutorials show you how to use a couple gems and a bit of lace to turn everyday blah into something fit for a princess!

Entry B!

SaffronSugar says:

A blog dedicated to the frillier side of life, focusing on beautifying yourself and the world around you. Learn to customize and create clothing to your liking, decorate your living space, and be inspired by the luxurious “hime gyaru” look from Japan.

Entry C!

Brigitte Pernia says:

My blog? Well, it’s unique. There’s no other one like it. It’s creative, artistic, and entertaining. A place where all girls of all ages can come to, to find their inner princess. From tutorials, to sharing my personal life, violetlebeaux.com is the place where all things are possible.

So to vote please use the poll below or on the side bar. I will be leaving it up until Midnight my time next Wednesday. Only votes in the poll will be counted so make sure to cast yours!

Thanks so much for all the time you guys took to enter!

Good luck everyone!!

*EDIT* A couple of people have let me know that they can’t see the poll. It’s a Java Script poll so please make sure that you have all the latest versions of your software/browser etc and make sure your firewall isn’t blocking java. I am looking for a non-java solution to this so you can all vote so please be patient. */EDIT*

*EDIT 2* Ok.. Hopefully this will solve the problem. I have added a html poll below so that fingers crossed everyone will be able to see it. If you are unable to vote in the Nuffnang poll please vote below. If you can see the Nuffnang poll please use that. At the end of the time I will add the results together and find the winner. Apologies if this seems a little convoluted but I want to allow everyone the chance to vote to keep it fair. I will release the total number of results and statistics with the winner announcement. */EDIT*


Thank you for voting, winner will be announced tomorrow 🙂

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