Here are a couple of outfits I’ve been wearing over the last few weeks ^_^

This one was a nice casual outfit for a lunch out.


Dress- TargetJumper- Thrift store (I love it because it has beautiful wool embroidery)Stockings- Myer

Shoes- Payless modified by me

This one was a bit more dressy, I can’t remember what we were doing that way but I think maybe it was something glamorous like grocery shopping? XD


Dress- Angelic Pretty

Cardigan- Myer (I think?)

Stockings- Myer

Shoes- Wittner, modified by me

Scarf- Hand knitted by me


As per usual my favorite thing about the outfit is my nails 😀

Glitter Gradient

It’s just a simple 3 colour gradient but I love it! I’ve had requests for a tutorial on this too.

Glitter Gradient

I like them because they are quite understated usually but when they get in the sun they are crazy shiny!

Glitter Gradient

I’ve been experimenting with new hair styles too 😀 This is my favorite so far…


I think it looks quite complicated but it’s really easy to do, I’m going to take photos for a tutorial on this tomorrow 😀


I think I want to make a whole more of these rose pins too, time for a trip to a craft store for more outfits 😀

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