A big part of Sneaker Sunday is the different types of sneakers we see!

It’s all about audience participation and that’s why Valerie and I just love it when you guys all send your photos of how you wear your different sneakers. The best part about sneakers is that you can own all types of sneakers and no one would complain because they’re all different! :D The different sneaker brands available in the market make for such a wide variety of choices too!

So today is all about showing you all how much we appreciate all of your efforts in Sneaker Sunday! All of the photos showcasing the different types of sneakers have been submitted to us and are credited to the owner’s they’re linked to.

Knock yourself out by taking a look at all the different types of sneaker posts and if you would like to take part in Sneaker Sunday, just email your link to either Valerie or myself.

Click the photos to have a look at these awesome blogs.




Super Kawaii Mama

Pure Girl Blue

The Fashionate Traveller

I’m going to a Masterchef Finale party tonight, I’ve never been super into Masterchef but I sure like to eat so it’s going to be fun!

So what have all of you got planned this Sneaker Sunday?

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