I’ve been giving the Lush Marilyn hair treatment a try for a while now so I thought I’d share my results.

I love hair treatments, that’s no secret! I’ve been looking around for some new ones to try out but there really isn’t  much variety here in Australia. This particular one had come with mixed reviews from a couple of my friends so I figured I would give it a try 😀

Even better, this one is specifically for blonde hair!

Lush Marilyn Review

The clerk at Lush basically told me that it would lighten the blonde areas of my hair and to avoid applying it on the reds and browns so I would have the same colouring at the bottoms. It is also supposed to put more moisture back into damaged hair. So far my hair has mostly avoided damage from bleaching but I want to preempt any future damage *_*

The idea is that is has all kinds of natural lightening ingredients such chamomile and lemon juice so it should highlight your hair. It won’t give you a proper colour change if you’re not blonde already but it’s supposed to give a kind of boost.

The packaging is quite plain but has lots of deco-ing potential 😉

Lush Marilyn Review

They thought with my length hair I could get around 3 uses out of this tub, though because I only used it on the top 1/2 of my hair I got 5 applications. At AU$25.95 per pot it’s not particularly cheap because even if you get 5 applications that’s still around $5 a pop.

The consistency is kind of gloopy and slimy! It reminds me of a mango smoothy XD

Lush Marilyn Review

Like most Lush products I’ve used, the smell is reeeeally intense. I really suggest having a look at the shop and smelling it before you actually buy because once it’s actually on your head it gets very overpowering. If I had been clever and smelt it first I probably wouldn’t have bought it purely on personal preference.

Lush Marilyn Review

It’s quite a messy job applying it in a fun sort of way! Make sure not to wear nice clothes though because it gets everywhere.

After washing it out my hair felt nice and smooth but to be honest I don’t think it was very much nicer than regular conditioner and by the next day it had pretty much worn off. Long term I didn’t see any noticeable difference in how soft or shiny it was.

I used the whole pot over a few weeks as recommended by the store clerk and I didn’t see any difference in colour at all in my hair. Among my friends who have also used it there was 50/50 split as to whether it actually made any colour difference.

Lush Marilyn Review


While it made my hair smooth in the short term I didn’t see any long term colour or texture differences. Due to the lack of noticeable difference and the hefty price tag I probably wouldn’t buy it again. That said it was a nice treatment and I think it might work better on a different hair type. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Can any of you girls recommend me a really nice hair treatment to try out? Have you tried the Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment with other results?

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