Morning, it’s Sneaker Sunday again!

So you took the plunge and deco’d your sneakers? Good for you! And you’ve been wearing them for several months and didn’t think anything of taking care of them? Now they are looking quite dirty and a bit yucky huh?

So how do you maintain them?

Well it’s quite easy really 🙂

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

First thing’s first let’s give them a nice clean! Use paper towel soaked in water and wipe them off.

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

Dish washing liquid is perfect for removing stubborn dirt.

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

Now it’s time to remove any jewels or deco that are beyond repair. I used epoxy glue on these jewels and they have cracked, I didn’t know that the area was going to be bending a lot, when you need flexible glue I use PVA.

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

Clean under there too. The pearls around the edge could easily have been left there if I had cleaned the dirty glue off the top and re-coated them but I wanted to change the pink flower too so I ditched it all and started again.

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

Gather any replacement supplies and start gluing. Note that I also removed the laces and gave them a really good wash.

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

I think it is easiest to glue from the outside in. Again I am using PVA glue because it needs to be nice and flexible.

I decided to fill that section with tiny plastic little stars.


So you should glue them down and then paint the glue over the top of them to seal it all in. Do a couple of coats but wait until each one is dry before starting the next.


Put the laces back in.


And you’re finished! Sorry for the dodgy phone photos I am having a tiny bit of trouble uploading though. I will put the HD photos in the next post 🙂


Cute as and almost as good as new.


The lesson here is that with a bit of maintenance an forward planning your deco sneakers can last almost as long as you want!

Check out Valerie‘s post on sneaker Sunday maintenance too this week 😀

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