*EDIT* This give away is now closed!! Thanks so much for all of your entries!! */EDIT*

Morning everyone!

This post is a day late but hopefully it will be worth it 😀

I’ve been wanting to do a give away for quite a while now to celebrate a few mile stones but it didn’t seem like the right time until now. It’s just ticked over to more than 300 Google Friends, we’ve moved to a new exciting city, I’ve just opening my Store and there are some seriously big things coming up soon for my blog!

I’ve made so may new friends along the way and it makes me really happy that I’ve been able to meet some of you guys in person too! I’m really honored that you have all stuck with me and continue to read here <3

This blog has come a really long way since I started it and I hope it’s only going to get better from here ^_^

The thing is that every time I meet someone and they ask me to describe my blog I tend to fumble a bit and try to explain it. It can be difficult to explain the blog to people that aren’t into these things already >_<

So what I need is an elevator pitch and I’m having a competition to come up with it!

So let’s celebrate!

This is what I’m offering in my give away:

  • 1 Set of Nails- Gilded Roses
  • 1 Hand made Usamimi
  • 1 Blue spotty headband
  • 1 Ice Cream bracelet
  • 1 Black rose ring
  • 1 Cover Girl Wetslicks Amazmint Lip Gloss
  • 1 Rimmel Full Volume Lip Gloss
  • 1 Strawberry Stars Ring
  • 1 Rna Alternative wallet/train pass case
  • 1 set of 1000 Hour Purple Foil False Lashes
  • 1 Cow shaped soap
  • 1 Hello Kitty Rock Star Charm
  • 1 Pink Umbrella with Lace trimming (from an upcoming tutorial)
  • 1 Eco Tools Shower Flower
  • 1 Heart Shaped Silicone baking Trivet

How to Enter:

To enter this contest you must be a follower either through Google or RSS. Please make sure you leave a valid email address otherwise I cannot contact you if you win!!

What you need to do is describe my blog in 50 words or less in the best way to explain it to someone who has no idea about crafts/cute things/hime gyaru etc. *edit: 30 words seemed too hard so I’ve upped the limit to 50 ^_^*

Please post your entry in a comment on this post. Entries received anywhere else won’t be counted!


Creativity is greatly encouraged!

Extra Entries:

You can get extra entries in the following ways:

  • Tweet/Facebook about the contest (1 entry)
  • Blog about the contest (2 entries)

*Edit 2… Ok there has been some confusion on the entries system! If you just want to enter once you can put your Elevator pitch into a comment and be done. If however you have more than one idea for an Elevator pitch you can Tweet/Facebook/Blog about this competition to give you the opportunity to have your other ideas entered. Eg. If you have 4 ideas you need to be a follower, tweet, blog and FB about the competition then you can leave a comment with 4 ideas in it. Please leave the link to your tweet/FB post/blog post in the comment so I can see it. Does that all make sense?? If not just let me know in the comments or email me ^_^ /Edit*


Entries will be accepted until Midnight Melbourne, Australia time next Monday (26th of July 2010).

I will then choose the 3 I like the most and there will be a vote here on the blog to choose the winner. The poll will be open for 7 days. The winner will be notified by email and will have 7 days to reply to claim their prize.

Now here are some photos of the prizes 😀


Gilded Rose

Usamimi ^_^ Don’t worry it’s not the one I was wearing in the tutorial, I made two!

Give away

Blue Headband:

Give away

Super cute icecream bracelet:

Give away

Rose ring:

Give away

Yummy lip glosses. I picked the Rimmel colour because I use it all the time and the Amazemint one is really cool because it smells and feels like mint! Reviews are coming soon for both of them ^_^

Give away

Strawberry star ring:

Give away

Wallet/Train Case:

Give away

Lashes for a really big crazy co-ordinate:

Give away

I couldn’t go past this guy, how cute is he? I would never want to use him because he’s so cute!

Give away


Give away

Fold up umbrella! I’m doing a tutorial on how to jazz up your umbrella soon and this was the one I used ^_^ Pink with black lace trimming.

Give away

Very soft Eco Tools bath sponge:

Give away

Adorable Heart Trivet from the same range as my heart mixing bowl and measuring cups ^_^

Give away

So I hope you like everything and I hope you guys all enter!!


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