Sneaker Sunday time!

We all love our sneakers, they are totally awesome but feet need pampering so this week Valerie and I are going to show you some options on how to give those feet what they really deserve!

To two reviews today.

Firstly the best $18 I spent the month we moved here:

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

At home foot spa from Kmart. Firstly I couldn’t believe that it was actually $18… So freaking cheap, I haven’t seen them in stores for less that $40!

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

Basically you pour water into it and turn it on. It massages, whirls heats the water. Awesome in theory but in this case you get what you pay for…

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

This is where the problems start… it only does 1 out of those 3 things: Massage

It doesn’t heat the water and it doesn’t whirl/bubble. I probably just got a faulty one but the train fare back to a Kmart is around $20 so it seems silly to spend that money when I would get $18 back!

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

But you know what? Even after all of that this was completely worth the money because after a long day of walking I pop the kettle on, fill the tub up and massage my feet to my heart’s content!

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

I read a great a magazine, put on some music and chill out.

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

By the time the water cools I am relaxed and feeling like a big pool of jelly. Having this feeling at home is something that I just love.

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

Verdict: If I hadn’t got a faulty model I might love it more. I’m not unhappy with the features I have but I am annoyed that the others didn’t work. I can’t vouch for the quality of any other models so I’m giving it a 3/10. If I was going to buy again I would spend the extra money and get a really good one from Priceline or something ^_^

Now once you’re finished your foot spa you, what better way to top it off than a delicious foot/leg treatment??

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

I tried out the “Tired Leg Gel” from Montagne Jennesse! I absolutely adore their face masks so I thought this would be a nice way to relax.

It comes in a little foil packet and is a thick consistency. There is a generous amount and even if you wanted to do your whole legs you would probably have left overs.Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

The smell was *very* cherry (which I’m personally not a fan of) and it has an insane cooling sensation when you rub it in. This sensation might be really overpowering for some of you, I found it to be a bit unpleasant because it’s the dead of winter here so I was freezing XD

In the Summer though I can see how this would be really lovely after a hot day.

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

I found it to be quite sticky even after rubbing in for a long time. It would go really well with an extended leg rub from your significant other! XD

Sneaker Sunday- Foot Spa Reviews

Verdict- Very nice feeling, very relaxing but better for Summer but not Winter!

So neither product I used today was completely successful but the most important thing to take out of this is that you should take time to try things like this and pamper yourself and your feet a bit! They spend all week carrying you around so the least you can do is give them half an hour of loving!

Check out Valerie’s Sneaker Sunday post this week about her spa experiences!

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