Every now and then I like to try something completely out of my style comfort zone and mix my outfit up a bit.

Sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t but either way it’s always fun to try something new! The photos were taken before we moved here but this outfit was all about experimenting with different make up ^_^

DSC_1280 copy

A long time ago I bought a 12 sample pack of some very pigmented mineral eye shadow but I’ve never found a use for any of the colours other than purple. After seeing lots of pretty colourful looks online I wanted to try the colours I wouldn’t normally use.

With the green circle lenses it reminds me of a peacock’s feathers!

DSC_1287 copy

While it’s not a look that I would probably wear again, creating it was really good practice and I learned more about blending make up. Practice makes perfect right? ^_^

DSC_1284 copy

My favorite part of the outfit:

DSC_1281 copy

I love shoes with bows on the back!

Do you girls like trying new things and pushing your comfort zones or do you tend to find yourselves in the same style rut with outfits?