Woooo Sneaker Sunday again!

Sorry for the slight break in schedule over the last few weeks but I have good news now… WE HAVE THE INTERNET!!! It took a whole lot of time and money but we are now officially online again! I am catching up with everything and it’s been really fun, I read 6 weeks of blog posts all at once- it was almost 2000 posts! Anyway things are back on track now so prepare for lots of new posts and fun things <3

So when I asked you guys what you wanted for Sneaker Sundays one of the ideas was about where to find cute sneakers. Everyone has a different idea of what “cute” is so I thought I would tell you all about something that I’ve always wanted to do… design my *own* sneakers!

The fun part is that if you know what you want them to looks like, you can make pretty much anything! These are a pair I designed with candy and bows all over them:

So how did I do it? Well it’s easy! I have an account at Zazzle.com and basically all you need to do is make a design and upload it! You can buy the shoes yourself and make them exclusively for you or put them up for sale for other people to buy. When you place an order, Zazzle will print them and post them out to you, cool right? They are on the pricey side for sneakers but if they are your dream pair then who cares right?
You can choose from all different styles of shoes to use as a base and then make it exactly how you want it, hell even write your name on it if you want!
So now you have no excuse for not finding cute enough sneakers to join us next week ;P

Haven’t had enough? Go check Valerie’s Sneaker Sunday Post and see the cool things you can do with sneaker laces!

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