One awesome thing that Melbourne has is “The Face Shop” which is basically a Korean make up/beauty store which stocks lots of fun items like these lashes!

I bought 2 sets at $4.90 each which is a very good price for Australian standards.

This is the first set, the are criss-crossed 1/2 lashes which are good for layering or just on their own.

DSC_1191 - 2010-06-01 at 2 copy

The obligatory “surprise lash” shot:

DSC_1240 copy

Quality-wise I really like these. They are soft, not plasticy and have a medium sized band on them. It means that they look nice and natural while giving you a little extra boost. Great for days with not much make up too!

For the first time I can actually review the glue that comes with them too because I’m not allergic to it 😀 The glue comes in the standard little metal tube which I can’t stand, and is semi-transparent when dry. With this glue it is really important to let it become tacky before applying the lashes or else you will end up with glue everywhere… and once it’s on it really doesn’t come off. Unfortunately what that means is that it’s damn hard to clean the lashes after use. While some other glues you can just peel the glue off in a nice line, this glue comes off in chunks and takes forever.

On a related topic can anyone tell me where I can get my regular glue “Lash Me Type 1” in Melbourne?? I can’t find it anywhere and it’s quite expensive online *_*

Verdict: Good quality and great price DO WANT.

DSC_1241 copy

I forgot to take a photo of these lashes in the box but there is one on this blog. These ones are basically The Face Shop’s answer to the very popular style of long flicks alternating with shorter criss-crosses between them

DSC_0701 - 2010-06-05 at 2 copy

I LOVE THEM. The are the perfect shape and length for my eye, the quality is fantastic and at $4.90 the price is still perfect. They are slightly more plasticy than the previous set but I found that by using my nails to separate the strands of the long points they looked even better.

I found them to very super durable and very comfortable to wear all day. They work very well with both my standard make up and bolder looks.

Verdict: Out of everything I own, these are currently my favorite lashes, I will be purchasing them again in the future! DO WANT!

DSC_0702 - 2010-06-05 at 2 copy Have any of you tried lashes from The Face Shop before?

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