Sneaker Sunday time again!

Seeing as I showed you how to jazz up those red glittery sneakers a while ago I thought that I would show you how I co-ordinate them now 😀

That and it’s really difficult to put multiple photos in on my phone *_* Apparently our internet might be on this Wednesday though and I’ve got so many posts waiting to be written and photos waiting to be uploaded!!So my co-ordination:Dress- Made by me
Stockings- Myer
Shirt- SES
Shoes- Kmart glittered by me 😀
Hat- Birthday present with a Bodyline bow

These sneakers have been a god send while we’ve been getting set up in the new apartment. I tell you what, it’s very nice to have comfy shoes when you’re dragging a bag of groceries up a damn hill!

I also wanted to ask you all what you would like to see in Sneaker Sunday? Are your favorite posts the outfit ones? Or the silly ones? Or the tutorials? Is there anything you want to see here or do you have any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments of by emailing me and Valerie and I will try to make it happen 😀

And what have you all got planned for this weekend? I’m painting a whole bunch of nail art for a big surprise I’ve got planned ^_^

Valerie is traveling around America at the moment (lucky girl!) go have a look what her sneakers are up to if you want more sneaker sunday.

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