DIY faux fur trim is a bit of a challenge, hell faux fur anything more often than not just ends in a bit of a mess.


Going from Brisbane to Melbourne is quite the climate change and I knew that moving here I would need a really good big winter coat. So you know those gigantic Jesus Diamante coats that have ridiculous huge faux fur trim and an even bigger price tag of around $2000? I figured I’d just make one myself ^_^

This is that jacket that I started with… nothing fancy just a plain one from Target. Just make sure it’s a nice cut.

DSC_0603 copy

And I turned it into this:

DSC_0629 copy

So pick out your fur trim! I wanted black but all I could find was pink. You want fur with a really long pile so it looks nice and luxurious.

First let’s talk about the right way and the wrong way to cut faux fur. Some people *cough like the lady at the store where I got the fur cough* just hack away at fur in the direction they’re cutting, this leaves an ugly shelf at the end. This also means you’ll be cleaning freaking fur out of everything you own for the next month.

DSC_0605 copy

What you want to do is mark where you need to cut and brush the pile in opposite directions so you have a clean line in which to cut.

DSC_0609 copy

Then you get a nice full pile over the whole backing AND you have to clean much less.

DSC_0611 copy

So anyway what you need to do is cut a piece for each sleeve cuff and the collar. I just used rectangles that I estimated from the jacket’s measurements.

Now use your over locker/serger to seal the edges of all of the pieces. This will prevent fraying and lock the edges of the pile in.

DSC_0613 copy

This is what you end up with…

DSC_0615 copy

Sew the sleeve parts into tubes….

DSC_0617 copy

My jacket was too thick to sew in my machines so everything from this point is hand stitched. First let’s do the sleeves. With the fur inside out shove the end into the sleeve and make sure it all lines up well.

DSC_0619 copy

Use tacking stitches to hold it in place and then sew it.

DSC_0621 copy

Now turn the fur the right way out and pull it up the sleeve. Turn the ends under and then sew that in place too.

DSC_0623 copy

Make sure it’s all secure then repeat on the other side…

DSC_0625 copy

Now time for the collar! My coat had a really nicely cut collar already so I basically just cut a rectangle of fur, folded it in half and then covered the collar. If your coat has a different collar you will need to modify this step Or just attach this kind of rectangular collar to whatever yours actually has ^_^

DSC_0607 copy

To attach it I sewed one side of the fur to the back of the collar of the jacket, right along the seam that was already there. I then folded the fur around to the other side and sewed it along the seam there as well. This means the collar is fur on both sides.

DSC_0627 copy

I added a small pin so I could close the collar even tighter like a scarf if I wanted to. And you end up with this!

DSC_0629 copy

And being worn…


I tell you what, this jacket has been a godsend here! It’s so warm and the fur makes it extra comfy and warm 😀

I *LOVE* it

What do you guys think? Have any of you ever tried to DIY faux fur trim for yourselves?

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