Today’s review is of Manicare Glam Eyes False Lashes 😀 The type I’m reviewing is called “Jessica”.

Manicare Glam Eyes Jessica Lashes Review

Until recently lashes haven’t been very popular in Australia (or at least in Queensland) and so nice and reasonably priced lashes have been quite hard to find.

While it’s getting easier to find lashes they are still quite expensive. These ones retail for around AU$9.95 which in my opinion (as someone who wears lashes almost every day) is quite over priced.

Manicare Glam Eyes Jessica Lashes ReviewI’ve decided to caption this photo “SURPRISE LASHES!”

The quality is very good, they are very fine lashes and the band is thin and natural. They are flexible and seem to be reasonably sturdy for their thickness. I’ve worn my pair 6 times with no noticeable degradation and no lost lashes.

Manicare Glam Eyes Jessica Lashes Review

They come pre-glued which I hate, I washed the glue off and threw away the tube it came with in favor of my everyday brand. Their colour is a nice matt black and they are definitely not shiny like the some of the cheaper brands. The lash band is very thin and blended well with my eyes even when I was not wearing other make up.

Manicare Glam Eyes Jessica Lashes Review

When worn they look quite natural because of the fine lashes. They are nice and long and create a statement without being ridiculously dramatic. While a lot of people would probably use them as a smokey night time lash where as I prefer them for a day time dolly look without the effort.

Verdict- Quite pricey but a very good quality lash. Good if you are a casual lash wearer, not cost effective for every day use. DO WANT (but for a better price).

Also today is my birthday so I might be really energetic at blogging and post a photo or two later for you all ^_^

Have you guys tried the Manicare Glam Eyes range or do you have other favorite false lashes?

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