Mitsu over at Universal Doll is full of awesome and win and recently she showed her beauty favorites.

I am definitely not biased about her awesomeness even though she has dubbed me as the “MacGuyver of Hime style” ROFL!

So for this post I’ve blatantly copied her in the hopes that some of her awesome will rub off on me 😛

Ok so that’s not totally true but last week she posted about her current beauty favorites and she asked to see ours… so here are mine…

Skin care beauty favorites!

I have become completely obsessed with skin care lately so these first products are the most important things in my whole bathroom.

Skin MD Shielding Lotion-

This is my first step to my day after showering. It doesn’t matter what moisturizer is best for your skin, using it is the important part! Very yummy food for your skin 😀

Neutorgena Oil Free Make Up Remover-

I searched long and hard for a good make up remover and came up with a big fat zero. I had pretty much lost hope until SuperKawaiiMama recommended me this Neutrogena one. It is FANTASTIC. I can’t say how much I love this, it’s so important to take off make up before bed especially if you have sensitive skin. This isn’t greasy, it doesn’t hurt your eyes and it removes every trace of make up. I’m going to do a proper review of it soon and show you all how well it works!

Beauty Loves


Bourjois Brush Concealer-

Haha ’nuff said!

Innoxa Satin Sheen Buttermilk Foundation-

I use this to get a nice even finish and I top it off with the Innoxa pressed powder too. Innoxa is one of the only brands I found that actually make things that suit my skin tone. I like this foundation because I can throw it on and still feel like I’m just wearing moisturiser but come out with pretty even skin!

Beauty Loves

The eyes!

Lash Me Type 1 Eyelash Adhesive-

I love my lashes and I just couldn’t use them without a good glue! While This glue is a little questionable in quality compared to other glues I’ve used… it still does the trick and it doesn’t irritate my allergies which is a major plus. It does contain latex but it is paraben free. I really wish it came in a better container though, it’s so runny that this one is just wasteful 🙁

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara-

I may have bought this *partially* for the pretty packaging but it’s actually one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used! A girl always need a good mascara even with no other make up! It gives really good length and it give my eyes minimum irritation. LOVE the cute packaging and love the formula.

Beauty Loves

Bourjois 06 Noir Cobolt Eye Shadow-

Plain good old black eye shadow. I use this wet as my eyeliner and dry and a shading shadow. It blends and wears well, has a really dark colour and after 6 months of every day use I’ve barely made a dent in it.

Bourjois 90 Blanc Diaphane-

A nice while eye shadow is again a staple of my make up wardrobe. With a good white and a good black shadow you can create the base for almost any look. I like this one especially because it has a slight pearl finish to it so it’s not harsh

The Face Shop Jewel Powder in pink-

Another one recommended to me by SuperKawaiiMama when we were in Melbourne last. This is a really pretty shimmer powder that I use to highlight and emphasize the corners of my eyes. Even with no other make up this will really make your eyes pop!

Beauty Loves

I like that the Bourjois powders also come with mini mirrors so you can take them on the go!

Beauty Loves


Bourjois Lip Stain 88 Cyber cassis-

This is my favorite lip stain ever. It stays on all day and only requires lip gloss touch ups. The colour goes with pretty much everything I own and depending on how you layer it and work with the lip gloss it can give you a variety of shades.

Bourjois Effect 3D Cosmic 23-

This is the top coat I use almost every day with my lip stain. It is choc full of glitter which is why I love it and unlike a lot of other glitter glosses I’ve used it doesn’t have that sandy chunky feel. Nice and so sticky that your hair gets caught all over your face in the wind 😀

Beauty Loves


Cedel Hair Lacquer- Black

Surprisingly enough I tend to go through a lot of hair spray. I’ve tried a lot of different brands but this is the one I always go back to. The hold is amazing, I swear you could go rock climbing and come back without a hair out of place! I love the smell too, it reminds me of when I worked in a theater ^_^

Beauty Loves

Vidal Sassoon Velvet Hot Rollers-

I have notoriously hard to curl hair so when I want beautiful bouncy hime style curls this is what I go for. It’s quick and easy to do and doesn’t damage hair as much as other direct heat products can. I think my favorite thing about hot rollers is that you can pop them in, go have something to eat or check your emails and then come back to big beautiful hair!

Beauty Loves

What are your beauty favorites at the moment?

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