We’ve made it to Sneaker Sunday week 5 how exciting is that??

If you missed what it’s all about click here for the info.

How are you all spending your Sundays this week? I’m frantically trying to scan the last of my official documents so we have less paper to take with us on the move *_* Fun right?

When I’m having a boring day it just makes me want to dress up even more to cheer myself up!

Today’s outfit is a little bit fun and retro inspired…

Sneaker Sunday Week 5

Sneakers- Red Converse Knock offs from Kmart
Socks- Bodyline
Dress- Sam’s Warehouse Discount Store (kid’s department)

This outfit makes me smile because it’s not only totally cute but it’s very budget conscious too. The dress was like $12 in the kid’s section, the socks were $5 and the sneakers were only $9! Total- AU$26

For more Sneaker Sunday goodness head over to see Valerie’s post on her own outfit!

Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to send in your own photos and posts for the Sneaker Sunday gallery <3

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