Evening everyone, Cover Girl mascara review time 😀

I always have lots of trouble finding nice mascaras so I’m going to gradually review all of the ones I’ve tested out in the search for the perfect mascara! Today I’m comparing and reviewing two Covergirl mascaras, the Lash Blast and the Volume Exact…


Review- Cover Girl Mascara- Lash Blast/Lash Exact

Firstly the Lash Blast-Volume Blasting Non-Waterproof

This was my go-to mascara for almost two years, if you layer it on thick it can give you some crazy lashes.

It has a very fancy looking brush which is made of silicone like tendrils. Actually it kind of looks like those spiky silicone glow in the dark raver earrings that were popular for 2 minutes in the 90’s. The brush is very thick at the ends which is great for doing the outer lashes but can make it challenging to get small lashes at the inner corner of your eyes. It does however make it really easy to throw on mascara last minute if you’re in a hurry.

It does take a while to dry, I have bad hay fever too so I tend to sneeze and end up looking like a panda XD

Review- Cover Girl Mascara- Lash Blast/Lash Exact

The colour it produces is a really dark black and the formula is very thick. As you can see in the photo it does have a tendency to clump a bit but if you are wearing it with false lashes you can’t tell.

Allergy experiences: This mascara tends to irritate my eyes quite a bit compared to others I’ve now found. At the end of the day I would always have tiny chunks of black lodged in my eye (eww) which doesn’t seem to happen with others I’ve used.

Now on to Volume Exact- Non-Waterproof!

I have less experience with this mascara but I used it for around 2 months. This mascara has a much thinner formula than the Lash blast and it goes on very easily. The brush again looks like one of those weird 90’s silicone pointy earrings but this one is quite thin and the end is nicely pointed to easily reach small lashes.

Review- Cover Girl Mascara- Lash Blast/Lash Exact

This doesn’t give the volume that the other does but it’s a good mascara in it’s own right. It goes on quite easily and seems to dry a little faster. It’s very useful for a more subtle day look. It’s a little lighter in tone than the dark black of the Lash Blast.

Review- Cover Girl Mascara- Lash Blast/Lash Exact

Allergy experiences: This one doesn’t irritate my eyes as much as the Lash Blast but at the end of the day I would still feel a slight puffiness.

I used one on each eye below so you can see the differences.

Review- Cover Girl Mascara- Lash Blast/Lash Exact

Comparatively speaking you can see that Lash Blast looks more clumpy than Volume Exact but the colour is definitely a bit darker.


Lash Blast- Good volume, great for under false lashes. Brush can be too thick to get to small lashes without making a mess. BUT… can be clumpy and leaves yucky junk in my eyes. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Volume Exact- Nice formula, no clumps, good lengthening, easy to use brush and good for day looks. Possibly not enough bang for more bold styles but still very pretty. DO WANT.

So are you all getting ready for Sneaker Sunday this week? Hope you enjoyed the Cover Girl review! 😀

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