It’s Sneaker Sunday again!! How are you all doing this fine Sunday? This week Valerie and I are talking about boys!

If you haven’t heard the fuss about Sneaker Sunday go check out the original post here.

So boys, yes I’m talking to the 2 of you that actually read this blog, this is for you! (And girls I’m sure the eye candy isn’t hurting right?) ;P

Today I’m going to be interviewing the most awesome boy I know… JAMES!

Sneaker Sunday Week 4

James is my fantastic boyfriend who writes an amateur photography blog over at so go check it out!

Being a typical boy James is man of few words so I have provided a translation for your convenience 😉James- Sneakers are pretty good.

Translation- Sneakers are a great way to look stylish but still maintain a level of comfort.

Sneaker Sunday Week 4

James- I wear sneakers when I go running.

Translation- If you choose the right pair of sneakers they can be worn to almost any event. My favorite pair of sneakers (as pictured below) are a pair of red, black and silver Puma’s. I find that they can coordinate with many outfits as they are mostly dark with only a shock of colour to add an interesting point to my look. They are functional, offer good support while I’m running or working out but I could just as easily dress them up with a suit jacket for a night out.

James- My sneakers are bouncy.

Translation- When choosing a pair of sneakers, comfort should be one of your biggest deciding factors. My sneakers have a concertina gel heel to absorb impact when running.When you do buy sneakers you should consider what their main function will be, for example if you are planning on using your sneakers for walking every day then choose something with a lot of padding to absorb shock. If you have weak ankles then look for something with higher laces to keep them in check.

Sneaker Sunday Week 4

James- Always carry a messenger bag.

Translation- If like me, your girlfriend insists on wearing ridiculously high uncomfortable shoes you may want to carry a spare pair of sneakers in your car so she can change shoes when the heels become too much 😉

Sneaker Sunday Week 4

James- I don’t know, why are you asking me all these questions?

Translation-Thank you so much for including me in Sneaker Sunday, I hope I’ve been able to answer all of your questions. It’s been a pleasure, have a great Sunday!

Sneaker Sunday Week 4

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