Lots of people have been wondering what came in my Priceline bag XD

A few weeks ago those of your who follow me on Twitter would have heard all of my excited tweets about the Priceline goodie bag. For my non-Australian readers basically Priceline is a make up/beauty store here and every year they have a deal where if you spend $50 on certain brands you receive a bag full of fun products for around $150. They have lots of samples but even better they have full products too. And it all comes in a very sturdy bag.

If you want more information you should go and check out Chai Gyaru’s post about it all.

This is what came in mine:

Priceline Goody Bag Review

Lots of hair products (yay!), Palmer’s moisturiser,  lip glosses and false eyelashes 😀

I’ve got to say I was completely happy with how many products and how usable everything was! I spend the $50 on things that I actually needed and was going to buy anyway.So as you were all so interested in what was in the pack I figured I would review them all ^_^

Some things I won’t be reviewing… like this Revlon Colour Stay Foundation which was waaaay to dark for me.

Priceline Goody Bag Review

So first review!

CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

I’m not sure what the colour was called but the number is 425 and it’s a berry colour with slight purple tones. This one didn’t come with the goody bag but I bought it to make up the $50 to get it ^_^

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Pen Review


I really liked the idea of a felt pen style applicator but after using it several times it definitely has it’s positives and negatives. For instance, the colour only comes out of the very tip of the felt part which makes application kind of awkward. Also have you ever tried to use a pen upside down for an extended period of time? The ink just runs the other way and it’s pretty much the same with this, doing your bottom lip is easy but depending on your technique getting the top lip perfect might be more difficult.


I thought this was actually quite a versatile colour. the photo below is just one coat but if you layer it a couple of times you could get a nice dark plum tone.

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Pen Review

Lasting power:

Holy bajeebus does this stay on for a long time! Seriously, this really is a “stain” in a literal sense. I even had trouble removing it at the end of the day with make up remover. One thing I found was that if you wear several coats it can wear unevenly during the day. I would definitely suggest using a lip balm or something underneath this because by itself it is kind of drying.


Even though it’s not perfect application I think it is fantastic as a base with a subtle lip gloss over the top for a little shine. I think the colour is really pretty and versatile, it’s a base colour that you could change so much depending on your outfit and mood. DO WANT.

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