Sneaker Sunday is really taking off huh? It’s been fantastic to see all of your posts and photos, keep them coming in ok 😀

If you still don’t know what all the fuss is about check the original post here!

So this week in honor of Sneaker Sunday Valerie and I wanted to talk about foot care. When you’re on your feet all day running around and being busy it’s easy to forget about the little things that are carrying you. We so readily will give ourselves cute manicures and nailart but pedicures are much more rare, so this week I present…

Violet’s Favorite Foot Care Routine With a Cute Summer Nail Art Idea… Which Is Awesome… Ok.

Longest title ever.

Step 1.

Get in your most comfortable pajamas and make sure your feet are clean.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 2.

Remove any old and chipped toe nail polish.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 3.

Use some cuticle oil around your toe nails. Please don’t use the same one that you use on your finger nails, that’s unhygienic. I have a second one for my feet so they feel nice and soft!

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Nail art time!

Gather together toe separators, pink, purple and clear polish and a white dotting tool. You will also need some Fimo fruit slices.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 4.

Paint your toe nails alternating in pink and purple.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

You might need two coats.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 5.

Use the dotting tool to place small white polka dots all over the nails.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Fimo fruit slice time! The lovely Jin sent me these slices, how cute is the container?

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 6.

Using the clear polish as glue, set 3 of your favorite fruit pieces in a u shape on your big toe. Once it’s dry give it a clear coat over the top too.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 7.

Once your polish is nice and dry use your favorite moisturizer and give yourself a foot rub!

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Even better, find someone willing to do it for you 😀 Thanks James!

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

Step 8.

Put on your favorite pair of cotton socks and sleep in them. This will keep all the moisture in but still give your feet breathing room.

Sneaker Sunday Week 3

And there you have it, you’re on your way to feet that love you a little bit more 😀

If you’re hungry for more Sneaker Sunday action don’t forget to check out Valerie’s post on her own DIY foot spa because it’s totally awesome!

Have a great Sneaker Sunday everyone!

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