The Sock Boutique sent me a couple of pairs to test out so here is my honest review ^_^

Socks and stockings are possibly my favorite accessory over all, it’s very rare that I ever leave the house without them!

This is the cute little package that arrived at my house, I think the ribbon is a sweet touch!

Sock Boutique Review

The two pairs I received were:White Lace Ruffle Anklet Socks

Pink Over the Knee Socks


The shipping was super fast, coming all the way to Australia only took a few days. I was actually surprised when the post came as I hadn’t been expecting it! The packaging was as expected, everything wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a cute bow.

Sock Boutique Review

Ruffle Socks

These socks are US$5, they are branded as Leg Avenue and are 100% Nylon. Available in pink, white, black and red.

The main lace used in them is a very soft and comfortable to wear while the top ruffle is made out of standard nylon lace and is not quite as soft. These ones are taller than most of the other ankle socks I’ve had over the years which makes them quite versatile. They are tall enough that they look cute with very tall heels but if you fold them down a little more they would be cute with sneakers too.

The one thing that I found a bit odd with these socks is that the seam is sewn under the foot and up the back. It’s not a big deal, but I think that after a long day of walking around it might be uncomfortable.


Lace quality aside I think these are a very cute way to top off an outfit ^_^

Sock Boutique Review

Over the knee socks:

These socks are on sale for US$8 and come in lots of other colours. These are quite interesting because they are billed as Eco Socks…

“Surprisingly soft over the knee eco socks by The Sock Boutique. These soft and comfortable regenerated socks are earth friendly and go above the knee to thigh high. The cuff has holds the socks up perfectly without leaving a dent in your skin. 85% Regenerated Cotton/Acrylic/Poly (*regenerated from preconsumer (unused) fabrics*) 10% Nylon 5% Elastic”

So recycled socks= good for the environment hurrah!

The colour of these is really vibrant and they came up to around mid-thigh length. After wearing them for walking all day they had migrated around 2 inches down which is pretty good. I also have quite small legs so they would probably fit others more snugly ^_^ I thought they were very comfortable for a full day’s walking. Quality-wise they are right for the price, they are not as high quality as say Innocent World but they sure don’t cost $25 either XD They are soft and comfy, warm enough to wear in the Australian winter and stay up nicely. The description was right too, they didn’t leave horrible bands on the tops of my legs at the end of the day either which I was very happy about!

Sock Boutique Review

A close up of the stitching in the toes.

Sock Boutique Review


Comfy socks that stay up well through the day and come in lots of cute colours ^_^ Do want!

Bonus outfit photo of what I was wearing that day 😀

Sock Boutique Review

This post is also for everyone who has been asking me where they can get white stockings/tights like the ones I wear. It’s very hard to find here in Aus, especially if you want good quality opaque ones. I can’t attest to how opaque these are but the Sock Boutique also sells white opaques here for US$7.
Problem solved, hurray for The Sock Boutique! 😀

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