So you might have read all about Sneaker Sunday last week, if not go and have a look here to see what all the fuss is about!!

A lot of you wanted some tips and ideas for what to wear sneakers with… so for week two we wanted to give you some co-ordination ideas 😀

*edit* Disclaimer- Just wanted to point out that a lot of these shoes are from YesStyle who currently have an advertisement on the sidebar of my blog via Nuffnang, I wrote this post long before I knew I was getting ads from YesStyle so please don’t think this is a sponsored post because it’s not! I just happen to love a whole lot of stuff from there because it’s cute!*/edit*

Sneaker Sunday Co-ordination ideas!

Today I want to focus on wearing cute, comfortable shoes to more dressy events or just dressed up enough for a day out on the town! Sneakers are great but they aren’t appropriate for some events.

Photos used are credited below and are not mine. I will be happy to remove if asked by the owner.

Shoe 1: Lady Bug Flats

These are completely adorable. Because they are shiny they can either be a nice statement piece or as part of a bright outfit like the one I put together below. I would wear this to a nice night out.

Sneaker Sunday