Short video on how I do big dolly eyed style make up in under 10 minutes. Simple and quick to do! This was done partly as a reader request tutorial and partly to document my different make up looks.

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Text Transcript:
You can’t say no to the girl with the lashes. The girl with the lashes.
Today on Violet Vision Super quick Dolly Make up.
Apply your moisturiser.
Then foundation.
Next apply concealer.
Apply several coats of mascara.
Don’t forget the other eye too.
Clear up any mistakes
Apply a big set of false lashes.
Time for the shading.
Apply a thick line of eyeliner.
Make sure yo flick the ends.
Repeat on the other eye.
Use back eyeshadow to blend it out.
Line 1/3rd of the bottom lash line.
And blend it into the flicks.
Lighten the corners of your eyes and soften the edges of the back with white shadow.
Add some shimmer dust to catch the light in the corners and around the edges.
Blend it with a clean brush.
Add lip stain and gloss.
Brush out your hair.
Taadaa finished!
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I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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