This dolly eye make up tutorial took foreeeeever to upload!

Vimeo is down so the reason the quality is not great is Youtube’s stupid compression rubbish. The sound levels seem to have also been warped so beware, the theme song is super loud but for the rest you might need to turn it all the way up in Youtube and on your computer to hear what I’m saying *_*

I’m working on fixing things as fast as possible but until Vimeo is back online there’s not much I can do!

Aaaaanyway aside from all of the technical junk this video was made as a request on how to do the more involved make up style that I sometimes do. This style is possibly more of the traditional hime gyaru style than my every day make up. I prefer this look with a bolder outfit and definitely with dark circle lenses because my natural eye colour is too light for it to work.

The disclaimer is that I am not an expert in make up techniques, this is just the way I do it when I wear my make up in this style.

Products used:

  • Moisturser- Skin MD
  • Lenses- Candy Violet from
  • Foundation- Innoxa
  • Mascara- Bourjois
  • Lashes- some cheap brand
  • Lash glue- Lash Me Type 1
  • Black Shadow- Bourjois
  • White Shadow- Bourjois
  • Shimmer dust- The Face Shop
  • Lip Stain- Bourjois
  • Lip Gloss- Bourjois

If you want to know the product line or numbers used for the dolly eye make up tutorial just let me know 🙂

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