Sneakers are the best thing in the world and for those of your who have been following me on Twitter, you are probably really sick of me going on and on about something called “Sneaker Sunday”…

Sneaker Sunday is an invention by the super awesome Valerie from and the general idea is that for one day a week we all give our feet a rest from high heels and the ridiculously painful (but super pretty) shoes we tend to wear through out the week! I am totally on board with this because for the most part hime style demands over the top decorated heels, but I think that with the right outfit totally over the top decorated sneakers can be just as good!

I have been an advocate of sneakers for the longest of times, my livejournal username was even “Chucks_bitch” in homage to high top Converse Chuck Taylors which I practically lived in for several years. I even own Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Lolita take on the high tops!!

So what’s Sneaker Sunday?

Basically each week Val and I will post something related to Sneakers each Sunday, we will also feature photos of our Sneakers and great ways to co-ordinate them, tips and tricks etc.

Our motto is “Looking cute without crippling foot pain!”

This is my first Sneaker Sunday Co-Ordinate!

DSC_0429 copy

My sneakers are plain old cheap ones from Big W, they were originally completely white but I wanted something cuter so I deco’d them! The pink sections are completely opaque with shiny shiny glitter now, there are diamantes, pearls, bows and ruffles. Perfect for when I’m on the run doing lots of things but still want to look adorable ^_^

This is where you girls come in, we want to see your Sneakers!

Every Sunday we want to see your posts involving Sneakers 😀 If you make a post about it we will add your photos to the new Sneaker Sunday Gallery (which also has a place on my Snapshots page) with links back to your blog. If you’ve got a Twitter account use the hashtag #sneakersunday so we can find your posts!

If you want to submit your own photos just email them to me at: [email protected]!

Go have a look at Valerie’s first Sneaker Sunday post and I can’t wait to see yours!!


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