Hello everyone!

So by now you’ve probably noticed the little changes I’ve bee making to the website. My aim is to make it easier to read and nicer for you guys!

These are the changes that I’ve made so far:

  • Widened the middle column so there is more room for the post and bigger pictures
  • Changed the fonts to a more readable colour and size
  • Changed the middle column background colour to make it more readable
  • Changed the header’s colours to make the site brighter and more readable
  • Widened the side bars slightly so I can add some more bits and pieces
  • Added a new page called “Snapshots” which is a gallery of my favorite photos in the categories Outfits, Nail Art, Deco and Crafts. This way if you just want some quick inspiration you don’t need to look through a bunch of posts ^_^
  • Added a new page called “Violet Vision” to keep a compiled list of all of my videos in one place. I still need to add a couple of videos to that section this week.
  • Did a lot of work on the back end of things to make the site run quicker and more efficiently. It’s never going to be the quickest site on the web due to all the pictures but with the work I’m putting in it should load in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Added a mobile version of the website. Now if you are logging on to the site with an iPhone/Blackberry/Other smart phone you won’t have to wait forever for the site to load, you should see a cut down version with minimum formatting. All of the pictures inside the posts should be in tact just smaller and more optimized for your phone ^_^ If you don’t like it you can turn it off at the bottom of the screen and view normally.
    One cool thing you can do if you have an iPhone is actually make a bookmark which appears as an App on your home screen 😀 When you’re on the site just tap the “+” icon on the bottom and click “Add to Home Screen”. It will add a cute little button with my logo to your other apps and next time you want to visit instead of going through Safari, just click the app!
  • Moved the Search page at the top to within the FAQ page as no one ever used it. I will also be adding a smaller search section to the side bar so it can be seen from every page later this week.

I think that about covers most of the issues we talked about in the poll the other day, if you have any other comments of suggestions just let me know in the comments.

On a complete side note, I’ve just gotten a LookBook.nu account so if you’ve got an account come and friend me 😀

So what do you guys think? Also tomorrow post is going to finally be the tutorial on the hairstyle from the above outfit… I know you’ve all been waiting for that!!


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