The way we get to the end of this story is a little long and rambling but it ends in Alice in Wonderland nail art so I’m sure you won’t mind 😉

A few months ago my Mum went on holiday to the Gold Coast and discovered a shop called “Del Sol” which makes products that change colour in the sun. Very 1990’s right? Well that was my attitude until she mentioned that they made nail polished that change colour in the sun! 😀

She brought me home 4 of their polishes to try out. I was a bit skeptical at first but they actually change surprisingly well!

These are the colours in normal inside light: Red with silver glitter Blue with a pearly finish Clear with silver glitter Pink with a pearly finish

Del Sol Polish

In outside light they change to: Purple pearl finish Red glitter Purple glitter Green pearl finish

Del Sol Polish

I couldn’t remember the order I had them in while I was taking the outside photos so here are the photos matched up to their outside colours!

Del Sol Polish

How freaking cool is that?

So back to the nail art story, I’ve been wanting to do some Alice in Wonderland themed nail art for years now but I’ve never been able to think of a design that would do it justice. Now that everyone is talking about Alice again I thought it was high time to try it out and the first thing that came to mind was colour change. You can’t get more Alice than that!

This is them inside:

Alice Nails

This was also my first attempt at doing 3D acrylic. To be honest I’m not really happy with how these turned out, the idea was so much cooler in my head. Also I think that if I had spent more time practicing my skills I would like the end result better. I’m all out of the acrylic liquid now but I’m going to get some more and try again! Practice, practice, practice! The 3D parts are the Heart and Club card suits, the playing card and the White Rabbit on the thumb. I didn’t have coloured acrylic so I used clear and painted them after.

And outside:

Alice Nails

I really loved the idea of the colour change polish but I don’t think I used as well as I could have. It works great on the index nail that says “Alice” because it looks plain until it’s in the sun but the other little details like the Cheshire Cat turning red-purple weren’t as obvious.

Another problem I had when taking the photos

Comparison between the two:

Alice Nails

A close up of the hat and rabbit on the thumbs. The hat band changes from red-purple but because it was over the black it’s hard to see. The background of the rabbit also goes from silver glitter-red 🙁 I am really proud of my White Rabbit though! My first 3D thing that actually looks like it’s supposed to 😀

Alice Nails

So conclusions: -I currently suck at 3D acrylics but I will practice and get much better! -These Alice nails weren’t great but I now have ideas for even more spectacular ones. -Colour change polish is completely pointless but also very cool.

Also on a side note the adorable Momoberi gave me a mention on her blog too and I didn’t find out until I’d already written that last post! She was inspired by one of my hair tutorials ^_^

Have a great weekend everyone! And I’d love to see some photos if you’ve done any Alice in Wonderland Nail Art!

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