One of the absolute highlights of James and my trip to Melbourne happened on the last day, in fact it happened on the way to the airport: we got to visit Circa Vintage!

DSC_0827_100217_6860 copy

Having met the lovely Nicole at our tea party we were super excited when she invited us to the shop on our last day in town! There was a New Zealand TV show filming in the store that day for a competition of some sort so the shop was bustling with excitement ^_^

DSC_0705_100217_6981 copy

The shop itself was full of so many beautiful things! I seriously could have spent my entire bank account with very little trouble, to be honest if we hadn’t been on the way to fly home I probably would have left with bags and bags of beautiful vintage dresses and accessories!

DSC_0712_100217_6974 copy

Nicole was lovely enough to let me try on some of the dresses and I had such a wonderful time prancing around like a princess!

DSC_0701_100217_6985 copy

The first piece I tried on was this beautiful pink number:

DSC_0678_100217_7008 copy

The fabric had the most beautiful floral designs woven into it and on the front there was a big bow!

DSC_0696_100217_6990 copy

The next piece was a purple lace dress which was much more form fitting. Here I am as the lovely Fiona helped me clip it at the back, I was too small for all of the dresses so we clipped them for the photos ^_^

DSC_0709_100217_6977 copy

Mwahaha we even convinced James to get in the spirit of things as he tried on this delicious vintage wool suit. I had to tell him like 50923842 times that a wool suit wouldn’t do well in Brisbane’s climate and he still didn’t want to part with it! How dashing does he look seriously?

DSC_0667_100217_7019 copy

This next dress was my favorite of the day and they practically had to bribe me to get out of it!

DSC_0807_100217_6880 copy

It’s a beautiful blue chiffon piece with lace details sewn around the bodice and skirt.

DSC_0747_100217_6939 copy

Being surrounded by the camera crew! I can’t wait to see how they edit the footage together!

DSC_0723_100217_6963 copy

One of the many reasons I loved this dress was the twirling action! I felt like a Disney Princess XD

The dressing up bug was contagious and Candicefound the most lovely fitted purple dress!

DSC_0777_100217_6910 copy

Ok we took way to many pictures…. but how awesome is it?!

DSC_0738_100217_6948 copy

By this point the day went something like this with James falling asleep in the chair while I camwhored 😉

DSC04665 copy

Being clipped into the next dress by the wonderful Nicole and Fiona:

DSC04650 copy

This is the only picture of both of us from the whole damn trip!

DSC04657 copy

The whole atmosphere in the shop was beautiful!

DSC_0794_100217_6893 copy

PEARLS! It’s like some kind of lovely dream 😀

DSC_0720_100217_6966 copy

Group shot of all the girls! Left to right: Nicole, Fiona, Me, Candice. They all look so pretty!

DSC_0789_100217_6898 copy

Bonus pic! Jamestitled this photo “Parasols at Dawn” heehee!

DSC_0820_100217_6867_Retou copy

If you want to visit Circa Vintage check the website for more details or drop into the store at: 102 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. I can’t wait to go back when we move down!!

For even more photos from Circa Vintage go check James blog here.