Today’s outfit was very stereotypical French inspired.

The kind of France that’s in my dreams… where everyone always carries a baguette all the time and has a poodle permanently attached to their arm. Yes that may be the kind of France that doesn’t exist but so what, I love my outfit anyway!

DSC_0141_100304_8088 copy

Dress- Target Stockings- Myer Cardigan- Angel Sissi Heart Ring- I made it 😀 Hat- SkyLine VintageShoes- Modified by me Other jewelery- random places

DSC_0138_100304_8091 copy

This outfit was for James’ birthday which was last Thursday! None of the pieces were very expensive at all but it comes together for a very sweet look and my hair is super curled/teased.

DSC_0146_100304_8083 copy

Make up for the day! I wish the camera captured how sparkly the pink was ^_^ I’m wearing the green lenses from my previous review.

DSC_0147_100304_8082 copy

Later that night we had a small family party for James but it was really hot that night. Instead of brushing out my hair I just pinned it up on the back of my head and added a bow.

DSC_0164_100304_8079 copy

Getting in the festive mood!

DSC_0174_100304_8073 copy

Here’s a bonus pic because I love you all 😀

DSC_0143_100304_8086 copy

Thanks for looking at my outfits!

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