Morning everyone, odd post today, it’s a DIY jewellery holder shaped like an icecream 😀

Apologies if this tutorial is a little vague, I’ve been sick all night/morning so if something doesn’t make sense feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll update it ^_^

Today’s post is a reader request! Many readers have written in and asked me to show them how to store certain items in a cute way. For example how to store earrings/jewelery/belts/other junk in a creative way that still displays how pretty the items are. There have been so many requests that I’m going to have to turn it into a series of posts… so this is the first.

This is for girls with a small number of earrings/rings/whatever that they want to store.

DSC_0482_100124_6472 copy

Firstly, as always you should gather your materials. I’m making mine out of felt but you could use pretty much anything.

-White Felt -Pink Felt -Brown Felt -Dark brown felt -Needle and matching thread -A small amount of stuffing, I cannibalized mine from an old pillow. -A ribbon bow -Scissors -Glue gun

DSC_0454_100124_6500 copy

Firstly grab your brown felt. and cut a circle the size you want the base of your ice cream to be. Mine was around 6cm across. Then measure out the circumference of your circle and cut two uneven rectangles (trapezium), the smaller sides should be a few mm bigger than 1/2 of the circumference of your circle, while the longer sides should be maybe 1-2cm more. This is how we’re going to make the cone part of the ice cream.

DSC_0455_100124_6499 copy

Put the two trapeziums together and use a blanket stitch down both short sides:

DSC_0458_100124_6496 copy

This bit is a little tricky but you should blanket stitch the base to the part you just made. My tip is to put an anchor stitch on each side then sew around, this way your circle doesn’t move while you’re sewing.

DSC_0459_100124_6495 copy

Now flip it inside out… and you have a cone! Go you!

DSC_0460_100124_6494 copy

Now let’s make the ice cream part 😀 Ok get your ice cream coloured felt together. You are going to need enough for 3 swirls. I am using standard sheets of felt (I think they are around A4 size). Cut one of the white pieces in half length-ways, this will form our two white swirls. Pick a contrasting colour (I’m using pink) and cut one piece the same size as the white you just did. You now have 3 pieces the same size to be used in the swirl… does that make sense?

DSC_0461_100124_6493 copy

Fold a white piece in half and loosely stitch down near the open ends so it forms a tube like this:

DSC_0462_100124_6492 copy

Fill the tube with a little stuffing, don’t use too much otherwise your ice cream will be too fat and wrinkly to roll up.

DSC_0464_100124_6490 copy

Now repeat with the other two pieces. Stack them together in order and stitch them loosely together at the bottom. You can see in this picture that I didn’t have a wide enough piece of pink felt so I had to use 2 piece stitched together >_<

DSC_0470_100124_6484 copy

Now it’s time to roll it up 😀 With the good side (the one with all 3 colours) facing you, roll the corner backwards and stitch it in place.

DSC_0468_100124_6486 copy

Keep rolling in a downwards motion so it forms the shape of an ice cream…

DSC_0471_100124_6483 copy

Stitch the bottoms in place as you go so nothing unravels.

DSC_0473_100124_6481 copy

It will probably take you a couple of goes to get it the right width for your cone as well as the right swirly effect but if you don’t like it unroll and start again until it looks like this:

DSC_0474_100124_6480 copy

Securely sew the ice cream so it’s not going to unravel and put it to the side. Get your cone part and fill it with some stuffing…

DSC_0475_100124_6479 copy

Now place your icecream in the cone and arrange the stuffing so it fits. Turn the tops of the cone over and stitch it to the icecream part.

DSC_0476_100124_6478 copy

When you’re done it should look something like this!

DSC_0477_100124_6477 copy

Now get your ribbon bow and the dark brown felt. Cut out a bunch of match sticks from the felt that are around 2/3rd the height of your cone.

DSC_0478_100124_6476 copy

If you want a really nice finish you should stitch these on but I didn’t have much time when I was doing this so I just used the hot glue gun 😉

Anyway add your ribbon bow to the front and then glue the match sticks around the cone like this:

DSC_0479_100124_6475 copy

If you have left over felt you can make a chocolate stick to go on top by rolling a piece up and gluing it in place ^_^

DSC_0480_100124_6474 copy

And that’s finished! Now you just need to add your jewelery:

DSC_0490_100124_6464 copy

You can hang earrings in any of the swirls as well as rings and small necklaces.

DSC_0488_100124_6466 copy

The chocolate swirl is also really good for wrapping longer items around.

DSC_0491_100124_6463 copy

So there you have it, a pretty way to store smaller collections of jewelery ^_^

DSC_0499_100124_6455 copy

Next in this series of reader requests is going to be “How can I store a really large collection of earrings in a cute way?”

Thank you for everyone who has been submitting reader requests, I’m a bit behind on posting at the moment but I promise they are all on my “List of things to Post” so I will get to them eventually!

In the mean time if you have any other requests please don’t hesitate to send them to me via my Contact page.

Also let me know if you make your own DIY jewellery holder!

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