So this is going to be my big Melbourne post ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about it by now! There is one more post coming up about something we did down there but it’s a surprise so I suppose you’ll all just have to deal with hearing about it for a tiny bit longer ^_^ I’ve actually got a lot of other photos from down there to be used in tutorials and the like as well…

But on to the photos!

DSC04265 copy

So on the first day we mostly just rested because we had to be up at 2am that day for the flight.

Sight seeing on 2 hrs sleep really isn’t very fun, so we took it easy and just had a little wander around Box Hill shopping center. That night we went out for a yummy dinner and got our first taste of Melbourne traffic, 2 1/2 hours for a 45min trip LOL apparently no one told us that there happened to be an ACDC concert on that night… oh wait that’s not true we were stuck on the flight with a crazy ACDC fan! He had been waiting in line to check in with us and struck up a conversation about how awesome ACDC were and how he was flying around the country to see every concert, we were polite and then somehow we ended up next to him on the flight as well >_< Most awkward 2 hours of pretending to be asleep ever.We also met SuperKawaiiMama‘s adorable children Miss 5 and Miss 2 who have more energy than anyone I’ve ever met! On the Friday we also went shopping… ok yes we did a *lot* of shopping! You’ve already seen the photos from the tea party on the Saturday so now we’re up to Sunday which was Valentines/Chinese New Year!

DSC_0386 copy

We went down to China Town for CNY and saw the dragon dances as well as more shopping…

DSC_0407 copy

James bumped into Mr Gadget outside and 5min later we bumped into Fashion Hayley! It was so strange to keep bumping into people we knew in a city we didn’t live in!

DSC_0399 copy

Our outfits for the day:

DSC_0431 copy

People kept asking for photos as well which was quite amusing. Some guy even wanted us to take photos with his kids >_< The strangest part of that day was being hit on by a skeezy old asian guy who apparently thought I was 15… Gross and all kinds of illegal!

DSC_0425 copy

Delicious lunch that day:

DSC_0421 copy

Mr SKM enjoying the delicious lunch:

DSC_0422 copy

Ok yes there was a lot of cam-whoring that day!

DSC_0429 copy

The dragon (edit apparently when there are only 2 people it’s a lion) eating up some yummy looking watermelon:

DSC_0419 copy

Those fire crackers were so loud!

DSC_0413 copy

Of course the whole time I was trying to keep up with you guys online as much as possible!

DSC_0037 copy

Including making fun posts like our Valentines Day Entryto the Nuffnang competition. This was taken while I was getting ready ^_^

DSC_0042 copy

SuperKawaiiMama’s yard also made a great backdrop for all of the photos. So pretty and green!

DSC_0171 copy

And we had a lot of fun being ridiculous!

DSC04444 copy

Jamesdemanded I include this because he thought it was hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‰

DSC_0264 copy

Miss 5 decided my make up wasn’t pretty enough one day so she gave me this awesome make over! Ready for a night out yes?

DSC04284 copy

One day we went wandering around the city by ourselves, it was really beautiful.

DSC_0514 copy

That night we were supposed to meet up with my awesome old friend Steampunkeriebut I managed to twist my damn ankle on the curb in China Town so we had to cut it short and had drinks instead. I had the weirdest green tea and icecream concoction I’ve ever tasted, it was really yummy though!

DSC_0531 copy

That afternoon we caught the train home and were surprised at how clean, easy to use and efficient it was!

Living with another creative girl with similar interests produced a lot of late night crafting sessions ๐Ÿ˜€

DSC_0502 copy

That night we made hair clippies, mine is the rosette on the left ^_^

DSC_0509 copy

We ate a RIDICULOUS amount of delicious food there, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten out that much in my life. It was SO good!

DSC_0512 copy

So much food!

DSC_0510 copy

We did a huge amount of shopping, I loved all of the imported Asian make up stores like The Face Shop and Missha. I’ll have some product reviews for you soon from there once I test everything out ๐Ÿ˜€

We also visited some Op Shops and got some great bargains! The highlight of which was an old guy stopping his mobility scooter and saying “An old guy like me can say it… YOU LOOK REALLY GROUSE! Really beautiful young lady!” I have to say, I’ve been described as a lot of things but “grouse” is new on my list! For the overseas readers, grouse is really old Australian slang for awesome eg. “This beer tastes grouse mate”.

Jameswas in his element taking photos of everything, I think he really enjoyed having so many locations to shoot at and new interesting back drops!

DSC_0600_100217_7086 copy

Here’s another one of his:

DSC_0628_100217_7058_Retou copy

On the last day we all ruined our awesome diets with a fantastic meal of McDonalds…

DSC_0662_100217_7024 copy

There was a carousel at the airport, so awesome!

DSC04674 copy

After a long awesome filled week it was time for a very sad farewell ;_; (you just need to pretend that I’m not laughing in this photo ok?)

DSC04689 copy

Back to Brisbane and back to the horrible humidity ๐Ÿ™ On the plus side hopefully we’ll be back in Melbourne sooner than you think!

Thank you so much to all our wonderful friends who made our trip so great! Special thank you to SuperKawaiiMama, Mr SKM, Miss 5 and Miss 2 for letting us stay with you and showing us such a wonderful time! It’s awesome to know that we won’t be alone when we move down!

DSC04668 copy Now I can’t wait to get back to Melbourne! <3

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