I am still spending much too much time having fun here in Melbourne so I’m going to photo spam your a little bit. I promise there are going to be a bunch of tutorials when I get back so you’ll all just have to put up with it 😀 You guys are totally going to love the photos from the tea party too!

A while ago James and I went antiquing at the Woolloongabba Antiques Center which was a heap of fun!

Basically it’s a gigantic warehouse that has a whole bunch of smaller shops inside it selling all manner of antiques and pretty things.

Here are a few photos from the day!

DSC_0502_100123_6343 copy

I spent so much time looking around at everything, I swear I could lose days in antiques stores 😀

DSC_0501_100123_6344 copy

We found some awesome old roller skates that I really wanted to buy!

DSC_0498_100123_6347 copy

So many jewelery display cases, so little time >_<

DSC_0492_100123_6353 copy

There were so many beautiful scarves, I wanted to take them all home!

DSC_0493_100123_6352 copy

Bonus picture of the day, at the vintage hair setter 😀

DSC_0494_100123_6351 copyBy the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be on a plane on the way home back to my own bed and back into the swing of normal blogging ^_^
Hopefully we can get back to visit the Woolloongabba Antiques Center again!

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