This Valentines day Nuffnang is giving it’s bloggers a chance to win a $250 gift voucher, so we thought what better way to spend Valentines Day but together attempting to win enough chocolate to keep us happily blogging away for a whole year. And so…

Once upon a time there were two lonely bloggers… they both loved pink and they both loved sparkles, they both loved anything fancy but they lived 1000 miles away from each other 🙁

The distance seemed insurmountable. They would never meet on a train, they would never meet at a supermarket… would their sparkly paths ever cross?

And then along came a little blue man… a Nuffnang man! He left them a little trail of digital bread crumbs to lead them to each other…

The bloggers were ecstatic! They finally had someone else to share their pink sparkliness with!

They shared similar academic pursuits…

DSC_0355 copy

And a love of exercise…

DSC04362 copy

And it was nice to have kindness and support in such a mediocre gray scale world….

DSC_0116 copy

Or not….

DSC_0095 copy

They explored the possibilities of alternative nutrition…

DSC_0315 copy

Though each was sweeter than the other… at times.

DSC_0321 copy

They dazzled the locals with style and grace…

DSC04436 copy

And spread love and happiness where ever they went!

DSC04442 copy

But they kept large sticks in their large handbags in case of disaster…

DSC04421 copy

They went to bed early every night and made sure to get their beauty sleep…

DSC04305 copy

But that didn’t always seem to go to plan…

So they practiced their elocution until they fell asleep!

DSC_0077 copy

All of this joy is thanks to one little blue man, thank you Nuffnang we LOVE you!

And while their world is now more beautiful, there is always room for another seat at the tea party!

We have more special Valentine love to spread to the insanely cute Cheesie of because if we can have this much fun when she’s not even in the room, imagine what we can do when she actually visits!

Next on our lovely list is local Melbourne princess Aurora Hime and her Tumblr that never fails to inspire!

Last but definitely not least is the devilishly dark and deliciously decked Miss Amelia Arsenic of Destroyx for more reasons than we could possibly list.

So if you want to improve your reality, don’t take the red pill, take the little blue man!

We HEART you Nuffnang!

DSC04487 copy

Thanks Nuffnang!

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