A while ago I was sent a really interesting new product to test out for you guys: Rapid Lash eyelash serum.

I held off posting about it for so long because I wanted to be extra thorough while I was getting information about it because it’s a bit of a touchy subject for a lot of girls: EYELASHES

A  lot of my friends and girls I know are really self conscious about the size/shape/curve/density/whatever of their eyelashes and I have to admit I’ve gotten quite caught up in the whole thing in the past too. My eyelashes are naturally quite light so when I don’t wear mascara or false lashes it can be a little tough to see them and they don’t stand out against my eyes 🙁 There all kinds of solutions to this like fake lashes (my fav), lash extensions and dyeing kits and now there is something called “Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum” which claims to “transform each strand at the lash line from thin, brittle or short lashes into thicker, fuller and healthier-looking lashes by delivering essential proteins, vitamins and other moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients that replenish the lashes, while adding shine and elasticity.”

That’s a bit of a mouthful and quite a big thing to claim! So I’ve done a road test for you all ^_^

This is the packaging it comes in:

DSC_0008_091230_5489 copy

Their literature has a lot of before/after photos. Apparently the serum can be used for eyebrows as well, I don’t think I need my brows any darker though so I just used it on the lashes.

DSC_0010_091230_5487 copy

It comes in a little shiny tube with a brush in it kind of like a liquid eyeliner. At AU$65 it’s a bit on the expensive side but it’s an alternative to actual eyelash extensions especially if it’s something you’re really self conscious about.

DSC_0651_100210_6812 copy

The liquid is clear and kind of gloopy… When you put it on it’s quite cold because of the metal container which feels quite nice. It takes a few minutes to dry but it wasn’t irritating at all to have on. It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything once it was dry and it didn’t bother me through the night. I did notice that my eyes had extra sleep in the morning but nothing uncomfortable.

DSC_0637_100210_6826 copy

What you are supposed to do is apply it to your lash line as if you were putting on eyeliner every night before bed. According to their website you should see a change after around 3-4 weeks. I used it for around 4 weeks before I took all these pictures and I did notice a change. Both James and my Mum noticed that my lashes looked a bit longer and fuller.

DSC_0644_100210_6819 copy

The website has lots of features and benefits of the lash serum including things like it’s paraben free, cruelty free and lots of other scientific things about how it works… but I think most of you will only care about how well it works! So here is a before and after shot of me after 4 weeks of using it every night:

(apologies for the blurriness I didn’t even check the photos before I started editing them for the post. Also haha you can totally see James’ reflection in my eye!)

DSC_0321_100110_6012 copy

This is my scientific way of looking at it. In my before shot the longest lash I could kind was approximately 76 pixels long after the longest one I could find was approximately 88px. I don’t think there was as big of a change as the before/after photos on their site but everyone gets different results. The numbers don’t lie so as far as I’m concerned it works!

DSC_0324_100110_6009 copy

I don’t think this is going to be a product for everyone but I do think that it’s a really cool idea and for girls like me with naturally light lashes especially if you don’t like extensions! If you’re interested in buying some you can get it from Priceline or online here.

Thumbs up!

DSC_0635_100210_6828 copy

Have any of you tried Rapid Lash or the similar systems before?

I’m having so much fun here in Melbourne with Candice! I can’t wait for the big tea party tomorrow!

Would you guys like me to post photos here of the trip at the end of every day or one big one when I get back?

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