I’m writing this in between frantically packing things for Melbourne so do excuse me if I seem a little rushed but I couldn’t wait to show you my latest deco things!

There are a LOT of photos because I’m really proud of this one!

I bought a new leather phone case for my iphone Ruri and it’s taken me a while to settle on a design but here it is in all it’s glory 😀

Le Deco Front:

DSC_0588_100209_6782 copy

Close up of the front:

DSC_0589_100209_6781 copy

Gigantic feature piece which was originally a brooch:

DSC_0592_100209_6778 copy

Side view:

DSC_0593_100209_6777 copy

The back side thingy:

DSC_0594_100209_6776 copy

Heehee this is my little Yorshire Terrier doggie screen cleaner:

DSC_0595_100209_6775 copy

Crown charm:

DSC_0596_100209_6774 copy

The inside!

DSC_0600_100209_6770 copy

The closure which used to be a hair clip:

DSC_0601_100209_6769 copy

On the inside is a mirror for on the go touch ups ^_^

DSC_0603_100209_6767 copy

The side and the back:

DSC_0607_100209_6763 copy


DSC_0618_100210_6845 copy

Close up of the back with a cute cupcake charm that used to be a hair clip ^_^

DSC_0619_100210_6844 copy

Heehee I love this ribbon!

DSC_0621_100210_6842 copy

I’ve got to say that I am beyond happy with how this turned out, every time I look at it I get a huge smile! Makes me love using my iphone even more!

Last view of the back:

DSC_0623_100210_6840 copy

One of the other projects I’ve done lately is my glasses! That’s right all the hours I spent in front of the screen writing tutorials means I need glasses >_<

DSC_0609_100209_6761 copy

But how damn cute did they turn out?

DSC_0613_100209_6757 copy

Lastly if you were following me on Twitter you would have heard that I lost my absolute favorite scarf ever on the weekend 🙁 I keep it tied to my hand bag and it fell off somewhere in a shopping centre, I didn’t even realize until we got home 🙁

But the good part of that is that I got to go scarf shopping again 😀

What I bought:

Cute red scarf to match my bag- $3 from Footprints Op shop

photo2 copy

Hand Painted silk scarf from the Salvos- $2

photo copy

Yay for new things! I also got a very interesting wallet at the same shop but that’s reserved for another post ^_^ I love op shops!

Hope you enjoyed my deco spam, I promise I’ll reply to all of your lovely comments as soon as I get a second to relax and ‘ll update again once we’re in Melbourne <3

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