This is a super easy tutorial on how I modified some old sneakers for ultimate shoe cutifying. I find that I need shoes that I can just slip on to run to the petrol station for an ice cream or the corner store for supplies, for times when you just want to get going as fast as possible having complicated shoes really isn’t practical, no time for laces… but I still want to look cute!

DSC_0185_091206_4436 copy

Enter old beaten up leopard print sneakers.

Materials for shoe cutifying:

-Old crappy sneakers -Ribbon -Elastic -Sewing thread

First off clean your sneakers if they are dirty, no one wants to handle muddy shoes.

DSC_0163_091206_4458 copy

Then remove the laces.

DSC_0164_091206_4457 copy

Now you need some elastic which is roughly the same width as your laces were. Colours are optional, I decided to go with plain because I’m probably going to be trekking through mud in these and I didn’t want to waste anything too nice!

DSC_0165_091206_4456 copy

Pull the elastic through a bottom hole and tie a knot at the bottom which is big enough to prevent it from slipping through.

DSC_0166_091206_4455 copy

Bring the elastic over the top and down through the other bottom hole.

DSC_0167_091206_4454 copy

Continue to the next hole, it should look like this once you get to the top…

DSC_0168_091206_4453 copy

When you get to the last hole cut off the excess elastic and then tie another knot. Before you cut the elastic off you should try the shoe on to make sure it’s not going to be too loose or too tight. You should be able to slide your foot in with no problems.


Repeat with the other shoe!

DSC_0170_091206_4451 copy

Now get some thick ribbon and thread your needle. Fold it in half with the join at the back and pleat the middle into a bow…

DSC_0171_091206_4450 copy

Sew it in place:

DSC_0172_091206_4449 copy

Now use some thin ribbon to cover the stitching and sew that in place.

DSC_0173_091206_4448 copy

Attach them to the elastic with a few tight stitches and you’re done! When you’re attaching the bows it’s a good idea to do it while you’re wearing the shoes so you know they will end up in the right position when the elastic is stretched out. Be very careful not to hurt yourself with the needle though!

DSC_0174_091206_4447 copy

And there you go!

DSC_0179_091206_4442 copy

Quick comfy shoes that are good in a hurry.

DSC_0180_091206_4441 copy

Very little effort involved, I think this took me around 20 minutes while I was watching a movie. It’s amazing what adding a bow can do 😉

DSC_0185_091206_4436 copy

Only 2 days left until we go to Melbourne so I’m in crazy packing/planning mode 😀 Hope you enjoyed the super quick shoe cutifying tutorial, I’m off to take some photos of the deco I did over the weekend for you guys!

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