DSC_0764_100205_6538 copy

Oh wow it’s Friday already?! This week has just flown by! This is a drawing I did a little while back, nothing special just some practicing ^_^

I’m a little swamped with work today but this weekend I’m going to be shooting the photos for a whole bunch of new posts. And even more exciting news is that next Thursday James and I will be flying to Melbourne for a week! I’ll try to update while I’m away but I might just schedule a couple of posts just in case!

We’ve been thinking of moving to Melbourne for a while so we’re taking the chance to catch up with lots of old friends and check out the city a bit. If you’re in Melbourne and want to catch up drop me a line! Or if you have any suggestions to were we should go and check out or any “can’t miss” shops let me know!

I’m really looking forward to a week of hanging out with lovely people in Melbourne and taking a little bit of a break!

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