Quite a while ago, well before Christmas in fact, Super Kawaii Mama aka Candice DeVille had the most awesome vintage Christmas competition ever.

It was her Perfect Vintage Christmas Competition and I made a video entry (you can watch it here). And guess what? After voting on a semi finalists… I won! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!

Firstly I want to say a huuuuge thank you to Candice for holding the competition, I really enjoyed making the video and omg prizes!

Firstly a 30 Pound gift voucher from Notorious Kitsch!

I had SO much fun picking out everything from Notorious Kitsch, there were just so many things on their website that I couldn’t decide :O

DSC_0025_091222_4901 copy
What I ended up with waaaaas:

-I Married A Monster From Outer Space greeting card
-Looking for Trouble pouch
-Of Course it Buys Happiness business card holder
-No Reason Note book holder
-Sew n Save Tin
-Je T’aime Paris magnetic Address BookAll of that for 30 Pounds! One of the coolest parts? She threw in an awesome set of mini emery boards in the shape of an old hotel match book! SO COOL! I keep them in my purse now for emergencies 😀 Fiona was so delightful to deal with and she really went the extra mile to find cool things that were in stock for me 😀 Go check out her store now!

Prize number 2 was a swimsuit from For Luna!

They make the most beautiful swim suits I’ve ever seen. They are all retro themed and have really flattering cuts. One thing that I *really* liked was that you can choose some of the designs to fit your bra cup size. As a girl who is slim but *cough*curvy*cough* I have a lot of trouble finding swim suits that well… fit. After chatting to Vicki about which style would suit my figure the best as well as be very supportive I picked one out 😀

This is what arrived at my door… How cute is the packaging?!
DSC_0001_091230_5496 copy

And this is the swim suit, you can see it on the site here. It’s made of quite thick material and it has boning in the sides to give you a really nice shape.
DSC_0019_091230_5478 copy

Okokokokok after much debating I decided to post some pictures of me actually in it.. but I’m completely self conscious so be nice ok! I normally don’t even leave the house without stockings and a cardigan so this is quite out of the ordinary! I’m also a little paranoid that the photos will end up somewhere I don’t want so extra water marks today sorry!

Hahaha so pasty and white, I love being pale! Epic tanning fail=
DSC_0014_100108_5964 copy
I really can’t say how much I LOVE this swimsuit, I used to hate swimming and going to the beach because I was always scared of having a “costume malfunction” but this is so supportive and nice that I go swimming with James all the time now 😀

What you don’t check your false lashes while you’re swimming too?
DSC_0119_100108_5859 copy

James played with the colours here to make it look really pretty!
DSC_0487_100108_5500_Retou copy

How cool does my hair look here? Next time I want to order this one and feed my leopard print obsession some more!
PIC_0241 copy

Last but definitely not least I got a $100 gift voucher from Blue Velvet Vintage.

I had a huge amount of fun trying to decide what to choose from Blue Velvet Vintage, there were so many pretty things on the site that I came very close to spending a lot of my own money too *_*
DSC_0002_091221_4924 copy

Adorable business card!
DSC_0005_091221_4921 copy

So what did I get? First I got this super cute bracelet by Sarah Coventry. Unfortunately a couple of the rhinestones had fallen off in transit but they were very easily fixed and Theresa was extremely apologetic. Anyway it looks so pretty on!
DSC_0009_091221_4917 copy

The other item I got was this super awesome purple pleated skirt from the 1950’s!
DSC_0536_100118_6119 copy

It was way too long on me so I took it up around 10 inches very carefully and taadaa:
DSC_0538_100118_6117 copy

Too cute right?
DSC_0541_100118_6114 copy
I absolutely love it!
DSC_0544_100118_6111 copy
Thank you so much to Notorious Kitsch, For Luna and Blue Velvet Vintage, I really appreciate all the wonderful gifts they made Christmas extra special!

Special thank you goes out to Super Kawaii Mama for being incredibly awesome and holding this competition! LOVE.

What do you guys think? Did I pick well? What would you have gotten for your vintage christmas prize?

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