A while ago Eco Tools sent me a couple of things to test out and this bath set was one of them!

You can most likely guess from the name but Eco Tools claim to fame is beauty products that are also environmentally friendly. They also make things like make up brushes (which I previously reviewed) and other fun bits and pieces.

So let the review begin!

DSC_0562_100118_6093 copy

First thing’s first: packaging! The bath set comes in a reusable plastic bag which zips closed at the top. The zip has a little loop of cotton ribbon so you can hang it up. I really like the idea that the packaging is actually useful, I would totally use this as a bathroom bag when traveling. It would also be pretty useful to keep hair clips etc in because it’s clear so you don’t have to go searching to find things in it ^_^

DSC_0571_100118_6084 copy

So inside the bag you’ll find a loofah, a shower flower thingy, a bottle of shower gel and a bottle of body lotion. One interesting point on the bottles is that Eco Tools is a member of “1% For The Planet” which means that they donate 1% of sales to environmental causes.

Now the loofah! Ok firstly who the hell knew that a loofah was a vegetable? I always thought it was like a sea sponge kind of thingy… but apparently it’s a vegetable so that makes it sustainable too ^_^ So yes, I liked that it had a string to hang it in the shower, I can’t stand things that can’t be hung up in the shower. To start with it was really hard and rough but after adding water and using a few times it’s much softer. Jamesdidn’t believe me that it actually gets squishy with water so I took this photo to prove him wrong hahaha!

DSC_0559_100129_6395 copy

The body wash! Omg I wish someone had invented a scratch and sniff computer because this smells so good that there aren’t words to describe it! It’s kind of like some kind of fruity cocktail of apple-kiwi-other-random-yummy-things.

I thought the viscocity was a little odd for body wash because rather than being like a gel it’s very runny. That said it lathered up really nicely and didn’t leave that icky soap feeling after. I’ve been using it since I received it and every time I step out of the shower Jamescomments on the awesome smell hahaha!

DSC_0555_100129_6399 copy

The body lotion! This stuff has a really similar smell to the body wash so you really need to go to a Priceline and smell it because it’s seriously awesome 😀 I found this to be a little bit thicker than other body lotion that I’ve used but it rubs in well and doesn’t feel heavy when you’re actually wearing it. It’s made from shea butter which feels really nice and it’s not hard to rub in like some other shea mousturisers I’ve used before.

DSC_0545_100129_6409 copy

Following on the eco friendly thing the lotion and body wash are also paraben free (YAY!), Phthalate free (if anyone knows how to pronounce that let me know!), recyclable, dermatologist and clinically tested (not on animals!) and hypoallergenic 😀

DSC_0575_100118_6080 copy

I’m not a huge fan of shower flowers or whatever else they’re called so I gave it to James to test and his verdict was that is was much softer than his current non-eco friendly one.

DSC_0569_100118_6086 copy

So all in all I would say this set is well priced at RRP$24.95 from Priceline. I think it would make a really good gift too because of the cute bag! I sure wouldn’t complain if some one gave me one *cough*Valentines Day *cough*XD

DSC_0568_100118_6087 copy

Have any of you tried out the Eco Tools Bath Set?

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