Today is a food review for a change, one for the Twist n Roll Bakery!

So the back story to this review is all about how for years and years and years of being teased with Lolita jewelery and dresses with macaron themes without ever tasting one… they were just so damn pretty but living in Brisbane I didn’t think that I would ever get the chance to try one so I stopped looking and tried to put the idea of deliciously cute sweet treats out of my head.
DSC_0470_100123_6375 copy

But I didn’t do a very good job and one day I was complaining on my second twitter account about how much I wanted some and one of my friends Roundragon did some research and found that there was a bakery called Twist n Roll who specialize in macarons! When I found out I almost fell off my chair in shock!!

They have a stall at the New Farm Farmer’s Markets (at the Power House) but it’s only on every 2 weeks so…. today we ventured out to New Farm to find them!

DSC_0464_100123_6381 copy

It felt like it was a million degrees out in the sun today so James and I kept cool with ice green tea with honey and mint and a lemon slushie thing. Yum!

DSC_0472_100123_6373 copy

After we explored for a while we managed to find the stall.

DSC_0475_100123_6370 copy

Cute right? I loved the little Eiffel Tower and the gigantic tree of macarons ^_^

DSC_0479_100123_6366 copy

I decided to be cautious and try a large Raspberry one for $3.50 so I could see if I liked them

DSC_0466_100123_6379 copy

Here is a nice close up…

DSC_0468_100123_6377 copy

And the insides…

DSC_0469_100123_6376 copy

So the verdict? OMG YUMMY!

The shell was crispy and the insides were gooey. It tasted very fresh and packed with raspberry flavor. The man and woman who were running the store were lovely and chatty, they were both French and super bubbly and friendly!

In fact I enjoyed it so much that I went back…

DSC_0477_100123_6368 copy

And bought 6 small ones ($2 each) in each flavor! They had sold out of caramel and pistachio so I got raspberry, chocolate, coconut, lavender, lemon and an orange one which had chocolate filling like a Jaffa.

DSC_0478_100123_6367 copy

They started out like this…

DSC_0489_100123_6356 copy

And very soon turned into this… I have to say that the only reason I didn’t take a bite out the raspberry one is because I took it home for James’ Mum to try!

DSC_0491_100123_6354 copy

James tried the coconut one and loved it and Oh and James got a German hotdog thingy which he greatly enjoyed…

DSC_0483_100123_6362 copy

So my final thought is that macarons are freaking awesome and I’m going to be visiting the Twist ‘n Roll bakery next time I’m over in Rocklea! If you are in Brisbane, you can see all the locations here.
Looking at their website I’ve just found out Twist n Roll Bakery deliver, oh this is going to be so bad for my bank balance!!

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