Today I hope you all enjoy this Skin MD moisturiser review!

So those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know how I’ve had some troubles with allergies. One of the things I’ve discovered is that I’m allergic to parabens which are a common ingredient in make up and skin products… when I say common I mean when I checked the labels of the products in my bathroom there were only like 2 that didn’t have them >_< I’m not going to debate whether parabens are good/bad I just happen to be allergic so I’ve been looking for alternatives.

One thing that I’ve been especially looking for is moisturiser. The back story to this is that as long as I can remember I’ve had insanely itchy legs, I mean like drive you crazy itchy, worse than the worse mosquito bite you’ve ever had! What didn’t click until I started looking at the labels in my bathroom was that I’ve also been using a moisturiser with parabens on my legs for like 10 years now… Mystery solved.

Aaaaanyway a few weeks ago I was sent some moisturiser from a company called “Skin MD”. When I received the package it had some pamphlets which were a little infomercial-y for my tastes so I took the claims with a grain of salt.

The general idea is that this isn’t so much a moisturiser but a “shielding lotion” that creates a barrier on your skin to keep natural moisture in and bad things out. I decided to give it a try for 2 weeks and see how I went… here is my morning routine/review!

DSC_0348_100113_5985 copy

I have *very* sensitive skin on my face so this was where I decided to test it out.

The bottle is kind of… plain. Definitely not the prettiest bottle I have in my bathroom but hey it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

DSC_0328_100113_6005 copy

The bottle has one of those clicky top lids that you press down on one side to open. I have a personal hatred for these types of lids because they are *so* hard to open with long nails.

DSC_0330_100113_6003 copy

The smell of my moisturiser is really important to me, it’s the first thing that goes on my skin so I really have to like it. This has a really pleasant smell, not overpowering at all. Just kind of like generic cream smell. It actually really reminds me of the smell of the expensive cosmetics counters at David Jones/Myers which is really nice ^_^

DSC_0352_100113_5981 copy

The consistency is really runny, it’s super watery which I like because when you put it on it doesn’t take a lot of effort to rub in. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all which is great because if you then layer foundation on you won’t have that heavy pancake make up feeling!

DSC_0331_100113_6002 copy

It feels very light and you need about 2/3rds of the amount I have here to do your whole face. I thought that the bottle was quite small when I first got it but after seeing how little you actually need I think the price tag of US$18 isn’t so bad especially when you compare it to the top level brands.

DSC_0333_100113_6000 copy

One thing that I was worried about with this moisturiser was it’s claims to be an effective treatment for eczema. As someone who suffered from eczema throughout high school I was weary of treatments that just plain don’t work. I still have mild eczema and after using this product for a few weeks I have definitely seen an improvement. I don’t think it is a miracle cure but the difference in texture is really there.

I start by dotting little bits all over my face.

DSC_0335_100113_5998 copy

Then starting at my nose I massage it in the directions of the arrows.

DSC_0341_100113_5992 copy

After rubbing it all in my skin feels nice and smooth. Also hearts totally appear everywhere 😛

DSC_0342_100113_5991 copy


DSC_0350_100113_5983 copy

So the verdict:

While I don’t think this is a miracle cure, I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since using it. I like the texture, the smell and how my face feels after using it. I actually recommended this to a friend with more severe eczema and they noticed an immediate difference too which is really exciting!

The part that I like the best is that it is free of parabens so I’m not allergic to it. After trialing on my face I started using it on my legs too and they haven’t been itchy in weeks now! After having itchy legs for the last 10 years I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling that is!

Another great point is that it comes in a version with sunscreen built in, for girls like me that live in sunny Australia that’s a huge plus! If you would like to read more just check out their website here.

So I’m going to give it an 9/10 (loosing a point because of the packaging and stupid clicky lid) I would definitely recommend it to others with skin problems or who just want yummy soft skin ^_^

DSC_0326_100113_6007 copyPersonally I love it and I am going to keep using it every day 😀

Have you every tried Skin MD moisturiser or had bad allergies?

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