In which we start with nail art and it just gets more random from there….

I’ve been wanting to do a proper update for a while but I just haven’t had the time >_< So I present you, the last couple of months in photos!

I made my Mum some Christmas themed nails for her work party:

DSC_0005_091214_4889 copy

I like the nails that look like presents!

DSC_0007_091214_4887 copy

And the stripey ones. Stripes are awesome 😀

DSC_0014_091214_4880 copy

I made this cake when my Mum came over for dinner.

DSC_0160_091219_4735 copy

It didn’t turn out very well but it was pretty yummy! I think next time I need to just stick with icing because I tired to paint roses on the sides and it looked terrible!

DSC_0165_091219_4730 copy

One day I went to brush my teeth and there was a lizard in the sink who couldn’t get out. He was stuck because the sink was slippery >_<

DSC_0172_091220_4723 copy

He was scared of us (I named him Steven by the way) so I used the string on my pajamas to make a ladder for him. He got out and lived in our bathroom for a few days eating the ants.

DSC_0177_091220_4718 copy

One day he tried to venture into the lounge so we had to put him outside in case someone stepped on him 🙁

DSC_0181_091220_4714 copy

BYE STEVEN! He lives under our back steps now.

DSC_0186_091220_4709 copy

We discovered that there was a Japanese bakery that just opened up at one of our favorite shopping centers… and went a bit crazy. Turns out that as pretty as the below cake looked it was disgustingly stale >_< Luckily their other things are absolutely delicious so we’ve been going back almost every week!

DSC_0013_091221_4913 copy

These are the photos James took on Christmas Day. I didn’t get any of the morning when we went to my Dad’s house so here are the ones from lunch with James’ family. The food was so yummy!

DSC_0006_091225_5195 copy

And the table was very pretty ^_^

DSC_0007_091225_5194 copy

Candied yams… we don’t usually have this in Aus, it’s very American. I’d never heard of it until James introduced me but it’s sooo yummy!

DSC_0014_091225_5187 copy

Group shot!

DSC_0040_091225_5161 copy

I stole some of the decorations from the crackers to make my bow more Christmas-y.

DSC_0066_091225_5135 copy

For New Years we went to James’ Parent’s unit in Mooloolaba. There was such a pretty view from the balcony!

DSC_0022_091231_5475 copy

Oh course it always had a breeze in the most inappropriate times XD I still love this photo!

DSC_0027_091231_5470 copy

James wanted to try out lots of new camera settings so I got to do lots of cam-whoring.

DSC_0029_091231_5468 copy

And I wanted to show you how glittery my nails looked in the sun…

DSC_0033_091231_5464 copy

So glittery! I can’t believe I forgot to take a close up >_< They were seriously all pink and silver glitter with some cute black hearts.

DSC_0035_091231_5462 copy

For dinner that night I had Okonomiyaki from a street vendor, so over priced and not very nice. I give it a 5/10 because they didn’t have extras on top.

DSC_0040_091231_5457_Retou copy

The view from that night, there were lots of street stalls there.

DSC_0062_091231_5435 copy

A kiss at midnight!

DSC_0080_091231_5417_Retou copy

And the pretty fireworks.

DSC_0089_091231_5408 copy

It was a pity that half of them were behind that tree. Pretty anyway 😀

DSC_0098_091231_5399 copy

So there you go! I’ll be back again with another nail art tutorial soon ^_^